Outreach Activities

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Educational Activities

As part of its ongoing effort to expand awareness and understanding of NASA science and technology for extreme environments, CAMEE participates in a variety of educational and outreach activities that partner with community, industry, and government agencies and programs. This effort makes it possible for some of the educational, research, and academic resources within our center to be used for addressing the various environment-related problems and needs in the local community and broader regional area.
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Summer Camp for High School Students

The annual high school summer camp is hosted by the NASA MIRO CAMEE. During this week-long camp, participants learn about environmental science, engineering design, robotics, programming, and aviation through exciting team challenges and hands-on NASA activities. Participants also learn how environments are modified by extreme weather conditions and how scientists use advanced measurements and modelling technology to conduct research in these extreme environments. Additional summer camp/internship opportunities may also be offered.
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Teacher Workshop

The annual K-12 teacher workshop is hosted by the NASA MIRO CAMEE. During this 2-day workshop, educators have opportunities to deeply engage in STEM related topics that are geared towards NASA Mission Directorates and CAMEE research focus areas. Sessions include presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on experiences with current technologies used in the field of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Aeronautics, and Modelling/Big Data by UTSA renowned experts.
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