2019 Presentations

NAWEA/WindTech 2019 Conference, Amherst, Massachusetts • October 14-16, 2019
  • Kiran Bhaganagar
    Machine Learning Approach towards Short Term Forecasting of Wind Turbine Power Production
72nd Annual Physics Society Division of Fluid Dynamics, Seattle, Washington • November 23-26, 2019
  • Sudheer Bhimireddy
    Turbulent Mixing and Entrainment in a Buoyancy Driven Continuous Thermal Plume Using Large-Eddy Simulations
  • Daniel Brun
    Plume Chamber Studies to Characterize Turbulent Buoyant Plumes Using Multiple Sensors
2019 AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, California • December 9-13, 2019
  • Huan Li
    Monthly Lake Area Retrieval with Full Landsat Archives from 1970s to 2019 - A Specific Analysis on Small Lakes from the Tibetan Plateau as an Indicator for the Climate Change (abstract)
  • Karen Mendiondo
    Buoyancy Glider Observations of Current Velocities in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea during April 2018 (abstract)
  • Alberto Mestas-Nuñez
    Freshening of the Western Gulf of Mexico by Hurricane Harvey Captured by the SMOS Satellite (abstract)
  • Xianwei Wang
    Decadal Variations of Total Freeboard and Sea Ice Thickness in the Bellingshausen and Weddell Seas Retrieved from ICESat and IceBridge Laser Altimetry, 2003-2017 (abstract)
  • Hongjie Xie
    • Improving National Ice Center Ice Charts Using ICESat-2 Data: Potentials and Challenge (invited talk)
    • Ross Sea Ice Production Based on Sentinel-1 and ICESat-2 (abstract)