Educational Experience Agreements

Affiliation and Program Agreements (Internships)

Used for establishing UTSA student internships at an outside entity.  The internship is established in a two-step process that begins with an Affiliation Agreement, which serves as a master agreement to establish the relationship between UTSA and the outside entity.  A Program Agreement is then used to secure the specific internship program.   Substantive changes to Educational Experience Agreements must be reviewed by UTSA Legal Affairs.  

Click here for Affiliation/Program Agreement and here for Amendment to Amendment to Consolidated Affiliation/Program Agreements.

Agreement of Cooperation

Used for establishing educational commitments and coordination (i.e. course credits) between UTSA and another university or similar institution.  Substantive changes to Agreements of Cooperation must be reviewed by UTSA Legal Affairs.

Click Here for Agreement of Cooperation

Contract Routing and Methods:

  • Provost - Primary Signature Authority.  The Provost is the primary signature authority for all Educational Experience Agreements.
  • Routing for Standard Template Agreements.  Educational Experience Agreements that utilize the above templates, without substantive change to the terms and conditions, can be sent directly to the Provost Office using the routing form below. 
  • Routing for Non- Standard Agreements.  Non-Standard Educational Experience Agreements (including template Educational Experience Agreements with substantive changes) must be reviewed and approved by UTSA Legal Affairs before routing to the Provost Office. Please include a copy of Legal Affairs approval when routing to the Provost Office for signature.

Click here for Routing Form for Education Experience Agreements


Provost Contact: x7685.