Submitting your Contract

Procurement Notice - $15K or More = Purchasing Office Review

If the total value of the contract is $15K or more, contact the Purchasing Office before proceeding. If submission of a purchase request is required, then the department should not submit the contract request to BCO.  The Purchasing Office will submit the request in TCM on behalf of the department after they receive the purchase request and after procurement requirements are satisfied.  (BCO will then add the requester as a “stakeholder” so the requester can follow the process electronically.)

Please see the Purchasing Office website for further information on procurement requirements and submission of purchase requests, located at:

Electronic Submission through TCM-Rowdy Exchange

Submit your contract request electronically through the Total Contracts Manager System (TCM) within Rowdy Exchange

TCM is an easy to use, menu-driven web based system with numerous benefits:

  • Monitor your Requests
  • Track Your Contracts
  • Access your Documents
  • No Missing Paper
  • E-Signature = Quicker Signature Process
  • No Overlooked Emails
  • Electronic Notifications & Communication
  • Faster Collaboration & Turnaround (Everyone “On the Same Page” Quickly)

Log On to TCM Using your Network ID and Password:

How to Submit Your Contract Request

This page lists the method available for departments to submit their business contract requests to the Business Contracts Office.  The submission method is electronic routing through the Total Contracts Manager System (TCM).  Submission through TCM provides multiple benefits to departments, including those listed immediately below.     

TCM User Guide

User Guide: Instructional guide to utilize Total Contracts Manager (TCM)

: If you have issues with your access or authorizations, contact the Business Contracts Office  and we’ll take care of the issue.