Employee Timesheets

Employee Timesheets for use as a Telecommuter

With UTSA transitioning to a telecommuting work environment, you have an opportunity to move to a paperless process for time reporting. You may currently use a paper timesheet that your supervisor signs. Now that we are telecommuting, this option is no longer a solution. 

UTSA offers SharePoint Interim Workflow Solutions (IWS) timesheets for employees as a paperless alternative. IWS allows you submit your time electronically and automatically route it to your supervisor for approval. The IWS timesheet options are available for immediate use.

We advise timekeepers to ensure there are no timesheet reporting gaps for your employees as they transition to IWS timesheets.

What Are the Benefits? 

  • IWS timesheets allows you to enter your time worked and absences on a single electronic document.
  • IWS timesheets submitted route through automated workflow to your direct supervisor. In the event your supervisor is unavailable or the timesheets needs to route to someone else, the form allows you to choose an alternate supervisor for approval of the timesheet.
  • IWS provides an email notification to supervisors indicating their approval is required for each timesheet submitted, and upon approval, will select a timekeeper for data entry into PeopleSoft.
  • IWS provides an email notification to departmental timekeepers indicating the timesheet is approved and ready for data entry into PeopleSoft.  
  • IWS sends you an email notification as confirmation that the timesheet was entered into PeopleSoft.

 Which IWS Timesheet Should I Use?

Punch Timesheets: for non-exempt hourly employees, student workers and non-exempt monthly employees. (Click below for user guide instructions)  

Elapsed Timesheets: for exempt classified employees. (Click below for user guide instructions) 

A&P Monthly Timesheets: for administrative and professional (A&P) employees. A&P employees may now submit timesheets on a monthly basis.

User Guides Available to Assist You 

Timesheet guides with step-by-step instructions for employees, supervisor approval, and timekeeper information are listed below:


March 25, 2020