Understanding the SIS Account Request Process

Note: For security reasons, the access request portal is only available via a UTSA networked workstation -or VPN if working remotely.


Effective March 2, 2020, employees are no longer be required to complete the CT 0927: SIS-Security Account Request FERPA Compliance Module; in place of the Module, users will receive additional information in the User Agreement portion of the Access Request Portal. Users must now adhere to the scheduled-annual institutional compliance module, as mandated by Institutional Compliance.

Section A: Personal Information

  • Once logged into the SIS Access Request Portal, verify all Personal Information in the header.
  • User-Type:
    • Next, make a selection closest to your User-Type:
      • Additional Access
        • I am a continuing employee and previously had Banner access, or another similar application, but have since transferred departments.
      • Department Transfer:
        • I have Banner access, but need access to additional forms
        • I have existing access to Banner, or another similar application, but require access to an additional application.
      • New Employee:
        • I’ve never had access of any form, and need to establish access.
      • Returning Employee:
        • I was previously employed, and had access in a previous position.
      • Student Employee:
        • I’m a student employee.
          • Student Employees are required to submit an employee end-date.
      • Temporary Staff:
        • I’m a Temporary Employee.
          • Temporary Employees are required to submit an employee end-date.

Section B: Authorization

  • User Agreement:
    • Employees must review and acknowledge each section of the User Agreement
      • Additional informational resources are provided directly under the User Agreement.
  • User Authorization:
    • Digitally sign with your myUTSA ID.
    • A comments box is provided for employees to submit notes from employee-to-supervisor to provide context to the submitted Access Request.
      • If requesting additional Banner access, users should list their forms here, indicate query –or modify, and provide the reason for access to aid the supervisor when submitting to SIS Security.
      • The comments made by the employee are only available to the supervisor –not SIS Security.


Once the employee initiates the Access Request, the direct-reporting supervisor (as listed in active directory) receives an email to review the Access Request to identify applications necessary for the employee's duties.

Once logged into the SIS Access Request Portal, when presented with the “Supervisor Request Manager” screen, click the employee’s name under “New Requests”.

Access Manager

  • Request Access:
    • Eligible applications for request through the SIS Access Request Portal are as follows:
      • Appworx (Automic)
      • Banner
      • Crystal Reports* (License required)
      • DegreeWorks
      • DMART PROD
      • EAB
      • TOAD* (License required)
      • Xtender
      • Applications not listed, are not facilitated through SIS Access Request Portal

Regarding Banner Access

When selecting Banner, you must also select the Access Type, New –or Modify:

  • -New- Applicable when establishing new access; most common selection for New Employees, Department Transfers, Returning Employees, Student Employees and Temporary Employees.
    • When selected, a Copy-User section will appear; the supervisor must establish a Copy-User for account modeling. A Copy-User is essentially someone, typically in the same department, whom already has access to the requested application that performs the similar job function.
    • Once an appropriate copy-user is identified (an eligible copy-user should have an active Banner user account.) -that user’s myUTSA ID should be entered, followed by clicking the blue “Validate Copy User” button on the right-hand side; doing so will auto-populate the other credentials such as Banner Username, Banner ID, etc.
  • -Modify- Applicable when the employee already has Banner, but requires access to additional forms; most common selection for Existing Employees.
    • When selected, an expandable textbox with a watermark will appear.
    • In the textbox, identify:
      • The screen name, then add query –or modify (if not defined, access will be assigned as query-only).
      • The reason for the request; you may choose to describe the business process that requires such access.
      • Requests submitted without both, screen name –and reason, will be rejected.
  • Supervisor Authorization:
    • Once reviewed, the supervisor will digitally sign with their myUTSA ID and click “Submit Request”.


  • SIS-Security receives the request, and determines which data custodian(s) evaluates the request.


  • Contingent on what access is requested on behalf of the employee, the applicable data custodian (Registrar, Financial Aid, and Fiscal Services) must review the request.


  • Based on the assessment of the Data Custodian(s), SIS Security will create the Account(s) requested accordingly.


  • Once SIS-Security fulfills the account request, the employee will receive an automated email with notification of the account status and login credentials.

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