Access for Student Employees

Regarding how Student-Employee Accounts (and Temp Accounts) are created:

Effective September 1, 2015

  • Student Accounts will not be mirrored from previous users; instead, they will all have Basic-Level permissions to view general information, and have no Modification privileges.
  • If a Student Employee requires access to a screen or class that is critical to their job function, the Supervisor must request it on the Student Employee’s behalf.
  • Student Employee Accounts will now begin with “ZSE” (“ZTS” for Temporary Staff). For example, Joe College will have a Banner User name of ZSEJCOLL. This is being implemented to better identify Student Employee Accounts.
  • All Student Employee (as well as Temp) Accounts created, going forward, will now require an End-Date. This is to ensure that Student Employees will not have access, while not actively employed. If Account Requests do not include an End-Date, the last day of the last month of the current semester will be used (FALL: DEC 31ST, SPRING: MAY 31ST, SUMMER: AUG 31ST).
  • Additionally, Student-Employees won’t be granted access to the following applications:
    • AppWorx
    • DegreeWorx
    • Crystal Reports
    • TOAD

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