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Payroll Management Services Training Presentation

The Appointment eForm is used to appoint a person into a position. This includes a new hire or rehire for staff, students, and faculty.

  • Appointment New Hire
  • Search Match
  • Position Search
  • Appointment Rehire

  • After a Requester submits an eForm, it will electronically route to the appropriate approver(s). The workflow path will vary and may travel through different workflow approvers based upon the information included on the eForm.

  • Approver
  • Delegation is when a person authorizes another to serve as a his or her representative for a particular task of responsibility.

  • Delegation

  • The Termination eForm is used to terminate single or multiple employment records for an employee.

  • Termination
  • The Retirement eForm is used for employees retiring from the university. This eForm will retire any and all employee records.

  • Retirement

  • The Funding Change eForm may be used to update the funding for a position within your department.

    The New Position Request eForm is used to create a brand new position.

    Create a Benefits Eligible Position

  • Create a Non-Benefits Eligible Position

  • A Person of Interest is an individual doing work for the University who is not considered a traditional employee, known as a “Person of Interest.” This may include visiting researchers or students, volunteers, perspective employees, independent contractors, etc.

    The Create Person of Interest eForm is used to appoint a person to a POI position, without requiring compensation or a funding source for the position.

    FTE/Hours Change

    Inactivate Position

    Location/Mail Drop ID


    Reports To Changes

    Transfer Position to New Department

    Faculty Job Aids

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    Submit SharePoint form to hire zero percent faculty. If you need a position please create it using eForms.

    Graduate Student Employee Contract Pay Job Aids

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