University Records Retention

The UTSA Records Retention Schedule

The University of Texas At San Antonio Records Retention Schedule is adopted as an administrative rule of the University of Texas at San Antonio and is certified by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

The UTSA Records Retention Schedule provides a list of official state records for each department on the campus, and prescribes the periods of authorized retention. This retention schedule indicates the minimum length of time official state records must be retained before destruction or archival preservation. The retention periods given in the retention schedule are required minimums. They are also recommended as appropriate maximum retention periods.

If a federal or state statute or regulation specifies a longer retention period for any type of record received, created, or maintained by UTSA, the statute or regulation overrides this schedule.

Access the UTSA Records Retention Schedule

Retention Schedule Codes:

Retention Codes: Archival Codes:
AC - After Closed I - Transfer to UTSA Archives
AV - As Long as Administratively Valuable O - Review by UTSA Archivist
CE - Calendar Year End  
FE - Fiscal Year End  
LA - Life of Asset  
PM - Permanent  
US - Until Superseded  

Retention and Destruction of State Records

Notwithstanding the minimum retention periods, an official state record whose retention period has expired may not be destroyed if any litigation, claim, negotiation, audit, open records (Texas Public Information Act) request, administrative review, or other action involving the record is initiated prior to the expiration of the retention period for the record in the approved UTSA Records Retention Schedule, until the completion of the action and the resolution of all issues that arise from it.

If no such litigation or other action as described above has been initiated, records may be destroyed in accordance with the approved retention periods shown in the Records Retention Schedule. Prior to disposal of official records, all state and institutional records and information management regulations and policies must be followed.

State records not listed on the approved Records Retention Schedule may need approval from the Texas State Library prior to destruction. Consult with UTSA's Records Retention Officer in order to determine if approval is needed.

Duplicates or non-record convenience copies should be destroyed when they cease to be useful and should never be kept longer than the official record copy.

Transitory records (records of temporary usefulness) can be destroyed once they have served their purpose. Examples include: routine messages; telephone messages; internal meeting notices; routing slips, etc.

Questions About UTSA Records Management

UTSA faculty, staff and students with questions about University records management should direct them to the University's Records Retention Officer, Jason King.

Electronic Records

Records stored in electronic format generally follow the same retention and destruction periods as hard copies. Ensure that you are managing electronic records as you would hard copies by referring to the Records Retention Schedule for each category of document. For questions about electronic storage logistics and capacity contact Brad Cooper in the University Technology Solutions Office.

Off-Site Records Storage

UTSA's Mail Services coordinates off-site records storage for records that must be retained for long retention periods. Contact Edward Garza in Mail Services for more information about how to submit boxes for storage.

University Archives

The UTSA Libraries Special Collections oversees the transfer of archival records to the university archives. Please email Special Collections or visit their website for more information about how to transfer records to the archives <>.

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