Awareness Campaigns

Each year, UTSA students, faculty and staff collaborate to organize university-wide awareness campaigns that encourage personal safety. These initiatives educate the campus community about strategies to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault. They also encourage members of the UTSA community to serve as active bystanders by recognizing potentially harmful situations and responding in a way that could positively influence the outcome of those situations. Programming includes:


Green Dot Bystander Intervention

Green Dot is an anti-violence initiative aimed at decreasing and preventing the occurrence of power-based personal violence, including dating and domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault and other forms of harassment, towards an individual. Green Dot at UTSA aims to promote a culture of respect by helping students understand the strategies and tools they can use to prevent power-based personal violence in their own ways on campus. No one has to do everything, but everyone has to do something.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Various UTSA departments collaborate each April to participate in this nationwide event by hosting activities that promote sexual assault awareness and prevention. Events include tabling events in high traffic areas of campus, workshops, film screenings, discussion groups, social norming campaigns, social media outreach, photo booths and collaboration with registered student organizations. Learn more at or 210-458-6974.

Call to Action Day

Each April, UTSA raises awareness of sexual violence prevention through Call to Action Day, a university-wide educational fair. Attendees can ask questions about sexual harassment and sexual assault, obtain information about sexual violence and make a pledge to become an active bystander. Learn more at or 210-458-6974.

Take Back the Night

Each fall, UTSA participates in Take Back the Night, a gender-inclusive experience to help college students take back the night and stop intimate and interpersonal violence on campus. At UTSA, Take Back the Night programming encourages students to prevent sexual assault and dating/domestic violence while promoting community resources. The event is part of UTSA Homecoming festivities. Contact for more information.

National Night Out

This annual fall event aims to decrease crime and increase safety awareness. It features crime prevention information tables, games, food and entertainment. Learn more at or 210-458-4242.

One Love Foundation – UTSA Athletics

Athletics has partnered with the One Love Foundation to lead awareness initiatives.  Campaigns include the #That’sNotLove Campaign which highlights healthy relationship habits.  Student-athletes staff the #That’sNotLove table at the UTSA Call to Action Day and encouraged the campus community to write relationship habits and then post them at the table and in social media.


Rowdy Wing Fling

Rowdy Wing Fling is an alcohol and drug resource program that specifically targets first year students. The purpose is to raise awareness of the resources available to students, both on and off campus, during the first six weeks of school. 

Safety Escort Program

Uniformed UTSA PD staff provide escorts around the clock upon request from anywhere on campus to any other location on campus. Request an escort at 210-458-4242.

Whistle Defense Program

This campus-wide safety program is based on the use of whistles to alert patrol officers, students, faculty and staff that an immediate threat is nearby or a crime is in progress, with the hope of diffusion. Learn more or request a keychain whistle at or 210-458-6250.

Silent Witness Program

This campus program allows individuals to make a confidential crime report to the UTSA Police Department as a silent witness. Learn more at or 210-458-4242.