UTSA offers training, awareness, prevention and education programs to prevent students from becoming the victims of intimate and interpersonal violence. These ongoing initiatives include:

Required Training

This online program, which is mandatory training for new freshmen under the age of 21, educates students about alcohol, empowers them to make well-informed decisions about alcohol and provides simple strategies to help students stay safe. The course includes case studies and interactive exercises. Learn more at or 210-458-4142.

Sexual Assault Prevention

The training educates student participants about the elements of healthy relationships, the importance of sexual consent, and the role of bystanders in creating safe, healthy communities. Sexual Assault Prevention is a mandatory program for all freshman and incoming students.  Graduate students are required to complete Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduates.

House Bill 699 Acknowledgement

Under the requirements of Texas House Bill 699, passed in June 2015, UTSA trains every entering undergraduate student on its sexual assault policy during the first semester or term in which the student enrolls for classes at UTSA. Learn more at or 210-458-4120.

Institutional Standards of Conduct Training

This regular training for student employees addresses federal and state laws, particularly those that are relevant to the higher education environment. The training covers sexual harassment, Title IX and Campus SaVE and informs university employees about crime prevention and their mandatory reporting responsibilities. Learn more at or 210-458-4992.

Title IX and Campus SaVE Act Training

This comprehensive classroom training about Title IX and the Campus SaVE Act teaches responsible student employees about issues related to stalking, dating and domestic violence, and sexual assault. Learn more at or 210-458-4120.

State-mandated Risk Management Training

This training, which is required for the leaders of UTSA registered student organizations, addresses seven risk management topics including sexual assault prevention and Title IX. Learn more at or 210-458-4160.

Additional Programming

Beaks Up. Speak Up.

This UTSA initiative coordinates and provides bystander education opportunities to students through training, other programs and social media. Beaks Up. Speak Up. teaches students how to recognize a harmful situation and how to respond in a way that could positively influence the outcome of that situation. For more information contact

Green Dot 

This national recognized sexual violence prevention program helps students identify the continuum of inappropriate sexual behavior, develop empathy for sexual violence survivors, understand their role in bystander intervention, understand barriers to intervention and how to overcome them, and develop skills to intervene as an active bystander. It is also available by request. Learn more at

Equal Opportunity Services Presentations

The UTSA Equal Opportunity Services team provides presentations on sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking and discrimination upon request. Learn more at or 210-458-4120.

» Title IX training presentation (Sample PDF)


Orientation Training

The EOS office conducts Title IX and Campus SaVE training for all UTSA freshmen, transfer students and graduate students during their specialized Orientation sessions. The training includes skits, panels, discussions and Q&A opportunities. Learn more at 210-458-4724.


Roadrunner Days

Roadrunner Days is a series of events focused on acclimating new students to the campus environment and building excitement among returning students.  During this week, an educational prevention program reaches out to students in an entertainment format and changes yearly.  Past presentations included Sex Signals and Think Fast Trivia.  The program, hosted by Student Activities also encourages bystander intervention. Learn more at or 210-458-4160.

Rowdy Wing Fling

This annual alcohol awareness program, offered each fall, focuses on the connection between alcohol and sexual violence. Students are given the opportunity to engage with campus departments and community agencies to learn about the resources available to them. Learn more at or 210-458-4160.

Sex in the Dark

This unique student program, offered each semester, allows students to get real facts about sexual health and related topics. At Sex in the Dark, students anonymously submit sexual-health related questions and receive honest, factual answers. The room is kept dark throughout the program to create a safe space and facilitate open conversations. Learn more at or 210-458-4142.

Wellbeing Education and Promotion Peer Education Program

Peer Educators receive intensive ongoing training from Student Health Services and conduct weekly outreach activities to educate fellow Roadrunners on different health topics that impact the academic success of college students. Topics vary and include healthy relationships and consent.  Learn more

Wellbeing Services Presentations

UTSA wellbeing educators provide regular programming and events for UTSA students about human sexuality, safer sex and healthy relationships. Learn more at or 210-458-4140.


UTSA Athletics - One Love

Athletics has partnered with the One Love Foundation to bring awareness to relationship abuse and educating student-athletes about Title IX and healthy relationships.  Student-athlete leaders have been trained to facilitate an Escalation Workshop, which is a program that includes watching a film as a team followed by a peer-led discussion that highlights the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships, bystander intervention information and recognizing signs of relationship abuse. 

UTSA Athletics – Student-Athlete Training Presentations

Student-Athletes participate in various trainings related to the prevention of sexual violence and healthy relationships.  All student-athletes complete the online prevention offerings available to students.  Freshmen student-athletes receive presentations from the San Antonio Rape Crisis Center, UTSA Equal Opportunity Services and other campus prevention partners. Past presentations have included a speaker from A Call To Men, a violence prevention organization connected with the NFL and training on the Campus SaVE Act.

PEACE Center Presentations

The PEACE Center provide training to student groups about sexual assault prevention, rape culture, helping survivors and healthy relationships. Learn more at or 210-458-4140.

UTSA Police Department Crime Prevention Presentations

The UTSA Police Department Crime Prevention Unit, established in 1994, offers a series of presentations to students about personal safety, sexual assault prevention, acquaintance rape, women's self-defense, and alcohol and drug awareness. Customized crime presentations and literature related to sexual harassment and sexual assault prevention are also available. Learn more at or 210-458-6250.

All registered Student Organizations participate yearly in the State Mandated Risk Management Training. Each organization sends two representatives to a session facilitated by a staff member. The representatives will then share the information with their respective organization.