Violence Prevention Action Team

The Office of Student Advocacy, Violence Prevention and Empowerment has established a standing committee of faculty, staff and students to explore ways to expand prevention programming.


Jessica Muniz, Chair
Director and Prevention Coordinator

Mark Appleford 
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs, College of Engineering

Lisa Alonzo
Director of New Student Programs

Lydia Bueno
Assistant Dean of Students

Candace Christensen
Assistant Professor of Social Work

Stefanie Cisneros
Assistant Athletics Director

Jarvis Clark
Associate Director of Student Activities

Marietta DeLaRosa
Associate Director of Residence Life and Education

Donna Edmondson
University Ombudsperson

Carlo Garcia
Undergraduate Student, Student Government Association

Rick Gipprich
Director of Regional Outreach at the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault
Amanda Graves
Assistant Director of Health Services

Joshua Guerra
Undergraduate Student, Honors College

Melissa Hernandez
Director of Counseling Services

Jonathan Van Hoozen
Undergraduate Student, Orientation Leader

Elvira Leal
Assistant Vice President for Strategic Initiatives

Victoria Lopez-Herrera
Senior Associate Director of Campus Recreation

John McAvoy
Assistant Director, Student Conduct and Community Standards

Jan McKinney
Executive Director of Communications and Administration
Suzanne Patrick
Director of Equal Opportunity Services and Title IX Coordinator
Taylor Puente
Graduate Assistant, Campus Recreation

LT Robinson
Dean of Students and Senior Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Sonia Saldivar-Hull
Director of Women's Studies Institute

John Shaffer
Associate Director for Student Success and Professional Development, Graduate School

Heather Shipley
Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affaris and Dean of University College

Tanya Speed
Graduate Student, Women's Studies Institute

Melva Torne-Boyd
Psychologist, Counseling Services

Jennifer Tristan
Director of Education and Training at the
San Antonio Rape Crisis Center

Maranda Tupper
Corporal, University Police

Sonia Ivette Valencia
Graduate Student, Doctoral Program in English