Parking and Transportation

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This initiative is focused on providing access to parking and sustainable transportation options for all Roadrunners, ensuring that the development of infrastructure is in alignment with UTSA’s strategic growth. This initiative supports UTSA’s bold vision for growing to upwards of 45,000 students, 2,000 faculty and 3,500 staff by 2028. Affordable, convenient parking and transportation options enhance the overall learning and workplace experience and are better for the environment.

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Strategic Plan Midpoint Update (Fall 2022)

UTSA’s Parking and Transportation Initiative was launched in the Fall of 2018 to guide the development of infrastructure enabling critical connections to, from and between its campuses.

Under the leadership of Clay Haverland, Assistant Vice President for Campus Services, and Elvira Leal, former Assistant Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, UTSA conducted an inventory of parking assets and launched the VIA U-Pass Program, partner to provide free, unlimited bus service as well as on-demand rides through VIA Link to current UTSA students and paid employees. The VIA U-Pass program offers cost savings and makes it easier for the campus community to leave vehicles at home, reducing traffic on campus roads and parking lots.

UTSA remains committed to providing affordable, convenient parking options to enhance the overall learning and workplace experience for students and employees. By expanding alternative transportation options, such as the “BeakCycle” bicycle sharing program, UTSA aims to reduce its carbon emissions.

This Initiative Supports Strategic Destinations

Clay Haverland, Co-Lead
Assistant Vice President for Campus Services

Elvira Leal, Co-Lead
Assistant Vice President for Community Relations


September 2018
  • Initiative Launch
October 2018
  • Conduct inventory of existing parking assets
  • Meet with VIA to initiate discussion involving U-Pass program
November/December 2018
  • Conduct study of peers to determine parking space allocation levels
November 2018-January 2019
  • Investigate available options near Main Campus for additional parking
November 2018-February 2019
  • Secure agreement with VIA for U-Pass
December 2018
  • Begin investigating available options near Downtown Campus for additional parking
October 2018-August 2019
  • Design and construct new Resident Parking lot near Tobin Lab
August 2019
  • Launch Via U-Pass for all students and employees
June-December 2019
  • Promote VIA U-Pass program to all students and employees
August 2019-June 2020
  • Alamo Commutes (AAMPO) program research and development of transportation options
Summer 2022
  • Bexar County leases additional parking space to UTSA near the School of Data Science/National Security Collaboration Center