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Dental Early Acceptance Program (DEAP)

Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective and Current DEAP Students

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If I am a transfer student, am I still eligible for DEAP?
Possibly.  Any student, regardless of whether or not he or she is a transfer, must complete at least 12 hours of college credit at UTSA and no more than 30 total college credit hours in order to apply to DEAP.  Generally, this means that you are eligible for DEAP if you have completed only one semester at another college or university before transferring to UTSA.  This will allow you still to take a full semester at UTSA before applying to DEAP without exceeding the 30 credit hour eligibility maximum.  If you have taken more than one semester at another college or university, you will likely exceed the 30 credit hour eligibility maximum after completing your first semester at UTSA.

I spent a year at a community college, but only took developmental coursework and/or coursework unrelated to the Bachelors degree in Biology.  Am I still eligible for DEAP?
No.  Although developmental coursework would not count toward your Bachelors degree, it will be considered toward the maximum 30 college credit hour eligibility requirement for DEAP.  Additionally, because undergraduate DEAP requirements are intended to be completed within a three year period beginning from your first semester as a college student (regardless of where you begin school), you must begin taking math and science courses that will count toward the Bachelors degree in Biology during your very first semester.  If you were to take courses unrelated to the Bachelors degree in Biology during your first full year in college, it would be impossible for you to complete all undergraduate DEAP requirements within a three year period.

Am I eligible for DEAP if I’ve completed a previous Bachelors degree?
No.  DEAP is only intended for first-time college students.

I took more than 18 hours of AP and dual credit in high school, which would mean that, after taking my first full-time semester at UTSA, I would have already earned more than 30 hours of total college credit.  Will I still be eligible for the program?
Possibly.  AP and dual credit will be counted toward the 30 hour college credit maximum to apply on a case-by-case basis.  The Dental School wants to be sure that pre-dental students give themselves the time to mature both academically and socially at an undergraduate institution in order to be adequately prepared for the rigors and the stresses that they will face as dental students.  You must be able to take at least 60 college credit hours at UTSA to be eligible for DEAP.

Is there a special admissions program at UTSA that will allow me to gain entry to other dental schools aside from the UTHSCSA Dental School?
No.  DEAP only allows for special admission to the UTHSCSA Dental School.  Currently, UTSA does not hold special admissions agreements with any other dental schools.

After reading everything about DEAP on the UHPO website, I believe that I am eligible for the program.  When should I apply?
At the earliest, you may be able to apply after completing your first full semester at UTSA.  At the lastest, you must apply before you have accumulated 30 hours of college credit.  When you meet with a UHPO advisor for the first time to discuss your aspirations for the DEAP, he or she will help you to determine the best time to apply.

I have already been accepted to DEAP.  Will I be kicked out of the program if I earn below a 3.4 GPA during one semester?
No.  For DEAP, you are required to have cumulative and science GPAs of 3.4 by the end of the fall semester prior to your planned matriculation to Dental School.

I am a DEAP student. What happens if my cumulative or science GPA falls just below a 3.4 or if I do not earn an academic average of 19 or higher* on the DAT by the deadlines?
If that were to happen, you may have the option of requesting a one-year deferment for DEAP.  The deferment will allow you to spend one additional year at UTSA to continue your studies, raise your GPA, and/or prepare to retake the DAT.  During the deferment, you must be academically active, taking at least a full time course load each semester.  In most cases, this would allow you to complete the B.S. degree in Biology in its entirety prior to matriculation to dental school.  The Dental School will only allow for one deferment request.

*For students accepted to the program in 2013 and after.

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