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Criminal Background Check (CBC)

CBC Forms and Categories

CBCs must be filled out legibly, completely, and correctly or it may delay processing.

Verify the information on the CBC Form with a Federal or State government picture identification document (i.e. driver’s license, passport, state identification card). You do not need to send a copy of the verification document with the CBC.

Complete the verification portion by listing:

  • Type of State or Federal picture ID
  • Document number
  • Verifier’s name

Once an individual is identified for a position that requires a CBC, determine which form will need to be completed based on employment categories listed below: A, B, or C.

To access CBC forms, click on buttons A, B or C below.



Newly Hired Staff/Faculty- ($20.00 each Applicant)

Category A: Supplement Form

Please submit a Georgia Consent Form if an applicant has worked or lived in Georgia.

CBC Category B

Newly Hired Student or Internal Applicant who applied through STARS
- ($1.00 each Applicant)

CBC Category C

Affiliate/ Other
- ($4.00 each Applicant)

Submit a Category "C" for Multiple Individuals

Which CBC do I use? 

Employment Category

We encourage you to NOT save CBC forms on your desktop but to access these forms via the HR website each time you complete the form to ensure that you will always have the most recent version. 

Department Process/Responsibility

  • It is very important that the CBC form be filled out accurately, completely, and legibly or it will delay processing. 
  • To ensure that it is legible, we recommend that you complete Section A electronically and have the applicant complete Section B electronically. 
  • Have the applicant print and sign the form (Except Form C).
  • You must verify the information entered to ensure that it matches the driver’s license, passport, or other official form of picture identification. 
  • Fax the form to the HR Department (Fax: x8586).

We anticipate that the average turnaround time for CBC’s is 3 days for the vendor search but this is dependent upon where the applicant has lived and worked.  If an applicant has lived or worked in a state or county that has a manual records system, the CBC has taken up to two weeks or longer. 


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Updated: June 2017

CBC Forms and Categories

CBC Exceptions


Additional Information

The CBC Selection Wizard is no longer available. Update Coming Soon.

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