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Criminal Background Check (CBC)

Contractor Guidelines

Checklist for Contractors  

Many departments and organizations in the UTSA community set up agreements with vendors, contractors, and other individuals to perform various services at UTSA.  When entering into these agreements the responsible UTSA Department or Organization must decide when a Criminal Background Check (CBC) in prudent for the protection and safety of the University. If a CBC is conducted as a condition of the contract the department does not need to request a CBC through Human Resources.

Note:  All criminal background checks must be conducted prior to permitting the individual/contractor/vendor to work.
You are required to take into consideration the following to include but not limited to: 

  • Type of job being done and requirements
  • Location where services will be provided (on or off campus)
  • Length of service and/or time on campus
  • Access to students-will responsible UTSA Faculty or Staff be present at all times when work is being done on campus?
  • Type of Access needed i.e. Network access or access to other UTSA resources
  • Working with currency
  • Working with sensitive and/or confidential information of any kind
  • Access to pharmaceuticals
  • Access to select agents or controlled substances
  • Access to vulnerable population (minors, elderly, mentally/physically disabled)
  • Traveling at any time with students, faculty and staff

Type of Criminal Background Check:
When the decision is made to conduct a CBC for a contractor or vendor, a type A CBC must be completed.

  • A vendor CBC should be completed
  • Category “A” CBC
  • Cost is $20.00 per name.

Link to form:

If you have questions about CBC’s for contractors HR will be happy to assist you, please send inquiries to  or call 458-4648


Updated: August 23, 2016

CBC Forms

CBC Categories


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Hiring Process

CBC Exceptions

Management Discretion

FAX or deliver the completed CBC to UTSA Human Resources:
Fax: 210-458-8586

Deliver to:
Human Resources department at the at the North Paseo Building - 4th Floor - 4.102 on main campus.

Contact Us:
Phone: 210-458-4648