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Criminal Background Check (CBC)

Management Discretion

President or President's designee may request a criminal background check (criminal conviction record) on a current employee who is not a party to a job transfer or reclassification. Management will prepare, in writing, a business case that substantiates the need to conduct a CBC and submit it through the appropriate Vice President to the President (or the President's designee).  If approved by the President (or the President’s designee) it will be submitted to Human Resources who will run the request for a criminal background (criminal conviction record). If the current employee refuses to complete, sign and submit the Criminal Background Check Form in response to a request made in accordance with this policy, management may take appropriate action.  Results of a CBC submitted based on management discretion will be reviewed and handled on a case by case analysis. 

Criminal Background Check Process - Exception Path



Updated: August 5, 2011

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Management Discretion

FAX or deliver the completed CBC to UTSA Human Resources:
Fax: 210-458-8586

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Human Resources department at the at the North Paseo Building - 4th Floor - 4.102 on main campus.

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