UTSA Human Resources CBC Selection Wizard

Is the new employee being hired in a Staff (Classified or A&P) position?

Classified Employee:

An employee appointed to a position in the classified service under one of the official titles in the Classified Pay Plan. The first 6 months of employment for a classified employee at UTSA is probationary.

Administrative and Professional Employee (A&P):

Serves at the pleasure of the President and is considered an at-will employee. Has primary responsibility for the management of multiple departments or operating units with the primary focus on strategic and tactical business planning and development.
Has responsibility for the management and operation of a department or unit within a department and performs one or more of the following: development and administration of policies, programs and internal procedures; development and maintenance of fiscal systems and operations; strategic and tactical business planning and development; facilities planning; recruitment, supervision, and development of professional and support staff.
Performs duties solely or predominantly of a recognized profession and/or State-licensed profession requiring an advanced degree such as lawyers, physicians, veterinarians, scientists and engineers.
Has primary responsibility for the creation, development, implementation and maintenance of programs relating to various significant institutional endeavors.
Holds a position such as that of professional librarian, which is excluded by law from the Classified Service.