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Day O.N.E. @ UTSA - FAQ's For New Staff Employees

Who attends Day O.N.E. (Orientation for New Employees) @UTSA?

    • New benefits eligible STAFF employees at the University of Texas at San Antonio
    • Benefits Eligible Staff employees that are hired through STARS
    • New Post Graduate Positions
    • New Research Fellow Positions
    • Temporary and Part-time employees that transfer into Benefits Eligible positions

What is a benefits eligible employee?

An employee who is hired to work at least 20 hours per week for 4 ½ months or longer (135 days) and who has competitively bid on the position for which they were hired.

Is orientation mandatory?

Yes, orientation is mandatory for ALL new Benefits Eligible Staff employees at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Where do I park during Orientation and do I need a permit?

The Day O.N.E. @ UTSA orientation is held at the University Heights location (5723 University Heights Blvd. Suite 500) where parking permits are NOT required to park at this facility.

Will lunch be provided?

No, lunch will not be provided, but you have the options of bringing your own lunch or eating at the local restaurants in the area.

What is the agenda for orientation?

Orientation is conducted in two sessions:

    • In the morning session you will receive an employment overview, benefits summary, and complete all necessary paperwork.
    • In the afternoon session, new employees will receive a parking pass, network account, high assurance EID, ID card and meet individually with a benefits representative.

What do I need to bring to orientation?

    • Jacket/ Sweater (the temperature varies)
    • Acceptable I-9 documents (link)
    • Beneficiary Information (link)
    • Dependants Information and documents (if you plan to add them on your insurance,  Social Security number & date of birth, birth certificate, marriage certificate, adoption or legal guardianship documents) (link)
    • Vehicle Information (Make, License Plate, Color, Model)

Who should I contact if I have questions prior to attending orientation?

Please contact the Human Resources Department at 210-458-4648

What time do I report to my work location?

Orientation begins at 8:30 a.m.; we will provide you with designated shift information from your supervisor for starting on day 2.

How do I keep track of my work hours?

You will be compensated for attending this Orientation. Each department has its own process for documenting time, so your department will show you how they manage this process.


Updated: May 1, 2011