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Non-Benefits Eligible Employment

Processing New Non-Benefits Eligible Employees

Designed for use by:

    • Non-Tenure/Track Adjunct Faculty
    • Part-Time / Temporary
    • Work-Study Employees

A Criminal Background Check (CBC) may be a requirement BEFORE an individual can start work. Go to the UTSA CBC web page for instructions on the CBC process.


There are a series of forms and Required Reading Documents required to validate the hiring process and establish the employee and payroll record for non-benefits eligible employees. The forms and reading documents apply to NEW, or former UTSA employees returning after a 1-year or more break in service.

Three separate packets have been created to simplify the completion of these forms. To access/download the appropriate packet from the list below.

Download & Print the packet of forms for:

Access the Individual Forms and Instructions link for specific instruction regarding the completion of these forms and in addition, provides information relating to former UTSA employees returning with less than a 1-year break in service.

Page updated: December 28, 2011