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STARS - Hiring Manager


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Step 1. Hiring Manager or appointed screening committee reviews the individual applications that were referred and documents using an Applicant Screening Matrix.  This action records the fact that the review took place. 

During the initial review process, you will most likely place each applicant in one of three categories:

  1. Applicants that you definitely want to interview.  Change the status from 'Under Review by Manager' to 'Interview Pending'.  When the interview is completed change the status to 'Interviewed'.
  2. Applicants that have promise and may warrant an interview.  Eventually you will have to decide whether to interview these applicants and if so, follow the instructions in number 1 above.  If you decide not to interview them and remove them from further consideration, follow the instructions in number 3 below.
  3. Applicants that you do not want to consider further - change the application status from 'Under Review by Manager' to 'Not Hired'.

Step 2. Interview the applicants of your choice.  When the interviews are completed, change the status in STARS for those applicants who won't be considered further to 'Not Hired'.

At this point, the remaining applicants should represent the finalist(s) so change the status on those applicants to FINALIST. You are now ready to create the Hiring Proposal (HP).

Prepare your HP (Hiring Proposal) by clicking the last name of the finalist candidate.   The candidate’s application will appear and a blue link to “Start [positon type] Hiring Proposal” will be listed in the upper right of the application.  Click this link to begin the Hiring Proposal process and then submit the HP up your management approval chain via STARS.


April 02, 2016

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