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Staffing Reminders

REMEMBER: The interviewing process shall not be conducted until the posted position has closed so that all qualified applicants can receive full consideration.

Human Resources has posted your department's vacancy.
Please follow these procedures during this recruitment period.

  • Applications must be reviewed and ranked through the STARS system. Work your applicant pool in STARS from Under Review by Hiring Manager to Reviewed, Interviewed, Finalist, and Not Hired. This electronic document will become historical data for the job posting.

  • Your position will close at midnight of the posted closing date. If you need to extend the position, please email your request to , indicating the posting number & extended closing date.

  • All staff positions are security sensitive and subject to a Criminal Background Check - CBC before the offer is made

  • Once you have selected your finalist(s), complete the information on the Hiring Proposal in STARS. All offers of employment must be approved by a compensation analyst BEFORE making the offer to your candidate.

  • NOTE: Offers of salary above the base rate are authorized ONLY if the position has been posted with language indicating salary flexibility. Current UTSA employees transferring laterally (being hired from one position to another without a change in title) MAY NOT be offered a salary increase.

  • Final candidates that are males from 18 up to 26 years of age are required to complete a University of Texas Selective Service registration form and provide proof of registration PRIOR to employment. The registration verification form is to be completed ONLY for the finalist candidate. This verification is not to be asked of all applicants.
  • When your offer of employment is accepted by the applicant, complete the Hiring Form and submit the form to Human Resources.
  • Completion of the I9 - The I9 is a federal document used to verify identity and employment eligibility.
    This document must be fully completed within 3 business days of the hire.

    • Section 1 is to be fully completed by the new hire to include their signature and date.
    • Section 2 is to be fully completed by a UTSA employee (preferably HR).
    • New employees must present an original document or documents that establish identity and employment eligibility.
    • Documents must be appropriately listed with all required information properly documented.
    • Section 2 must be signed and dated by the person reviewing the original documentation.
  • Completion of the Conflicts of Interest Policy Acknowledgement Form - Please have your new employee read the Conflicts Of Interest Policy located at  All employees are required to sign an Acknowledgement form (located at the same site) within 3 business days of the hire.  The original acknowledgement will be maintained in the departmental file.

Applicant List FAQ


March 2, 2014