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Flexible Hiring Freeze - FAQ's

| Hiring Freeze FAQ's | Guidelines and Process |

During the Hiring Freeze beginning February 10, 2009

Q: What is a Flexible Hiring Freeze?
A: As defined by the Chancellor, "this flexible hiring freeze permits institution presidents to decide locally which positions should be frozen and to issue guidelines to ensure that positions critical to the ongoing mission of the institution continue to be filled".

Q: What is the effective date of the flexible hiring freeze?
A: The effective date is February 10, 2009.

Q: How will I know when the flexible hiring freeze is lifted?
A: An announcement will be made by the President and communicated through the University Vice Presidents and the Provost.

Q: Which positions will be affected by the flexible hiring freeze?
A:All benefits eligible additions to headcount (audited positions) will require approval by the President (see response to Question 8 below).
All benefits eligible replacement positions will continue to require approval by the Vice President (see response to Question 10 below).

Q: Does this freeze apply to the hiring of faculty?
A: No

Q: What is an audited position?
A: It is a new position that is an ADDITION to headcount.

Q: How do I obtain approval to post a new (audited) position?
A: Refer to the UTSA HR web site for the process .
In general, completion of the standard Position Audit paperwork is required.
IN ADDITION TO the New Position Justification Form that requires your Vice President’s signature, Human Resources signature, AND the President’s signature. This form should be attached in the documents tab (under the Position Justification Form category) in STARS.

Q: What is a replacement position?
A: A replacement position is a vacated position (one that had been previously filled).

Q: What is required to post a replacement position?
A: Create and route a STARS requisition per our current process.

Q: If an employee terminates (whether voluntarily or involuntarily) or retires, will I be able to fill the position?
A: These are considered replacements. You must follow the replacement process as outlined in Question 10 above.

Q: If I am in the process of making an offer for either an addition to headcount (audited position) or replacement position, can I continue with the process?
A: Yes, these positions are not affected.

Q: If my initial candidate declines my offer, can I consider other applicants from the existing pool?
A: Yes, follow the current process which requires you to resubmit the Hiring Proposal if you select another candidate.

Q: I am in the process of interviewing, can I still move forward with this hire?
A: Yes, proceed as per our usual process.

Q: I have several jobs posted (both replacement and additions to headcount). Can I continue with the process and interview and hire once I complete the interviews?
A: Yes, since they have already been posted, you can proceed without additional justification. The normal approval process for the Hiring Proposal will still be required.

Q: I have approved funding for a new position but have not had the opportunity to post it yet. Do I still need to follow the new process (whereby it will require the President’s signature)?
A: Yes

Q: What are the guidelines to be considered when determining whether or not to approve a position (new or replacement)?
A: The guidelines and process can be found on the Human Resources web site at: guidelines
Consider the following:

  • Is the position essential to meeting accreditation requirements?
  • Can filling the position be delayed without hampering our mission?
  • Is the position required for sustaining animal life, human safety, health and/or licensure compliance?
  • What project/work will be in jeopardy if the position is unfilled?
  • Is the position 100% grant funded, externally funded or funded by student fees?

Q: Can we repost a job without additional approval?
A: No. Consult with Human Resources for appropriate approval process.

Q: What approval is needed if I want to extend the closing date on a posted position?
A:Human Resources approval is required as per current process.

Q: Prior to the announcement of this flexible hiring freeze, I had completed and submitted (to Human Resources) all of the audit paperwork for a new position; it had already been approved by my Vice President. What is the process for that position?
A: If the position has not already been posted, the additional justification form must be completed (which requires the President’s signature). Complete the New Position Justification Form, obtain your VP’s approval and Human Resources will secure the President’s approval.

Q: Can I fill (or post) a position that is 100% grant funded, student fee funded or funded by auxiliary funds?
A: Yes. These specific positions are not subject to the flexible hiring freeze.

Q: Can I post a position that is only partially funded by grants, student fees, etc?
A: If the position is not fully funded by grants, student fees etc. you must follow the New Position Justification process (Question 8) or Replacement Position Justification process (Question 10).

Q: Can I still hire a student employee?
A: Benefits eligible student positions (both new and replacements) need approval by the Vice President. These positions are not recruited through STARS.

Q: Can I still hire a work-study student?
A: Yes. Work-study positions are not subject to the flexible hiring freeze, since they are funded through a federal financial aid program.

Q: Can I hire a part-time, non-benefit eligible employee?
A: Subject to approval by your Vice President.

Q: Can I still post a continuous job opening?
A: Only if it has been approved by your Vice President/Dean (replacement positions) or the President (new/audited positions)

Q: Am I still able to reclassify a position, provide an equity increase, or progress employees?
A: Yes. Reclassifications and equity increases are not affected at this time. Of course, they are still subject to approval by your Vice President and Human Resources Compensation. Refer to the guidelines.

Q: Can I hire a temporary employee from a staffing service?
A: Any hire through a temporary service, consultants, and contracted staff will need to be reviewed by your Vice President as per current process.

Q: Can I continue to provide a supplement for someone who has assumed additional responsibilities whether or not related to the flexible hiring freeze?
A: Supplemental pay increases for exempt employees will still need to be reviewed and approved through your management chain and ultimately, by the President (as per our standard practice). The form can be found at: Form

Q: What are the guidelines for overtime and compensatory time authorization?
A: Please refer to the Human Resources website: guidelines


Updated: June 11, 2015