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Posting Process for Benefits Eligible and Non Benefits Eligible positions as a result of the Governor’s Hiring Freeze announced on January 31, 2017.


Hiring Freeze 2017 - FAQ


  1.  For all new and replacement positions requested to be posted and funded by E&G, follow the instructions in the attached:
  2.  For all new (*) and replacement positions requested to be posted and NOT funded by E&G

If you are confident that it is not funded by E&G:

  • Create the posting and route it (the funding will be validated by HR) and the hiring manager will be notified of the status (anticipate 2-4 days to validate funding)

If you are not sure of the funding:

  • Send an email to  Provide the cost center, position id, title, (replacement for, if applicable).
  • The Employment staff will verify funding and contact you.

(*) The normal new position process must be followed also. 


  1.  Summer 2017 NEW (**) Faculty (including GRA, TA’s, etc)
    • A waiver has been requested of the Governor’s office
    • We will not post/hire until the waiver has been approved

      (**) NEW faculty are those who DO NOT have an existing 9 month or spring faculty assignment 

  2. Fall, 2017 Faculty (including GRA’s, TA’s)
    • Proceed per standard operating procedure


  1. Work Study Student Hires: Financial Aid Office will communicate any updates

  2. Other Student hires: follow normal processing, however, students cannot be hired from an E&G funding source


For a description of E&G please review this summary.


February 2017