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University Closure - Timekeeping FAQs

On August 24, 2017, Interim UTSA President Dr. Pedro Reyes, acting on the recommendation of his leadership team and with input from various university departments, announced that all three UTSA campuses - Main, Downtown and Hemisfair - will close as of 5 p.m. Friday, August 25 in anticipation of Hurricane Harvey. All evening and weekend classes, programs and events scheduled for Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday are canceled or postponed.

The following FAQs have been developed to clarify how to record any time worked during the University closure.  If you have a situation that is not addressed, please contact Payroll Services at 458-4280.

    1. What if I work anytime during the closure?
      This will be considered work time and must recorded on your timesheet.

    2. What if I was schedule to work but was unable due to the closure?
      Employees scheduled to work, but were not able due to the closure will receive administrative leave with pay for the time they were scheduled to work.

    3. Who is eligible to receive administrative leave with pay?
      All personnel (excluding work-study personnel) scheduled to work shall be granted administrative leave with pay for the period of the closure.

    4. Why are work-study personnel excluded?
      Work-study personnel cannot be granted Administrative Leave because of Federal Regulations governing the Work-Study Program (refer to HOP 9.15).

    5. How should I record that time on my timesheet?
      Employees will record this time by using the time reporting code “EMCL” (emergency closure) on their time sheets. 

    6. How should administrative leave with pay be recorded on PeopleSoft?
      Timekeepers will use the PeopleSoft time reporting code “EMCL” (emergency closure).

    7. If worked my 40 hours for the week, but I am required to work during the weekend, will I receive compensation?
      - Yes.  Compensation will depend on your FLSA status.  If you are a non-exempt employee, you may receive overtime compensation as compensation time off at 1 ½ time for each hour worked over 40, or state compensation time (hour for hour), or both. 
      - If you are an exempt employee, you may receive state compensatory time (hour for hour) for each hour worked over 40 during the work week.

    8. What if I was on a scheduled vacation during the closure?
      Employees on an approved leave (vacation, sick, compensatory) during these periods shall not be granted administrative time in lieu thereof (refer to HOP 9.15, D).