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Annual Performance Evaluation

The annual performance evaulation period for 2017-2018 fiscal year is in progress. Managers should be working on performance evaluations for their employees and preparing to schedule performance meetings during the month of February.

Supervisors have two options in completing the Annual Performance Evaluations:

Option 1. Use the traditional paper form
Option 2. Use the online electronic form

Access to both of these forms can be obtained from the HR website at

Online Form Enhancements:

  • Save Process: To improve user experience, the Save process was simplified and no longer requires you to keep a local file. The data you enter on the form is now saved to your online account so you can continue working at a later time.
  • Share the Form Electronically: Allows you to search for an employee by name and share a non-editable copy of the evaluation with that employee. Shared File Email Notification: The employee will receive an email notification that the file has been shared. The notification will include a direct link to the online form and instructions how to view the shared file.

Once the Performance Evaluation form has been completed and signed, a copy of it must be forwarded to HR.

There are two options to deliver the completed evaluations to HR:

Option 1.  The preferred method is electronically. This will require that once the evaluation has been completed, it must be scanned using the following instructions:

      • SAVE the file as a .pdf document

        • Use a standard file naming convention: Employees Last Name and First Name, e.g. LastName,FirstName.pdf
      • Once scanned, EMAIL to

If you encounter problems with the scanning process or prefer not to use this method, please utilize Option 2 (below).

Option 2. The traditional delivery method. Mail paper form via campus mail to HR-Records

If you have questions pertaining to the electronic version of the performance evaluation or the delivery method, please contact HR-Records x7210.

Probationary Evaluations: The current Probationary Evaluation Form (for classified employees only) will remain the same for this year.  Probationary Evaluations are due at 30, 90 and 160 days from the first date of employment.

As a reminder, the Chancellor’s Framework for Advancing Excellence Action Plan requires that each campus provide an annual certification indicating completion of performance evaluations for all employees.

If you have any questions about the Performance Evaluation forms or process, please call Human Resources - Compensation at (210) 458-5916 or


Q1:      Are Performance Evaluations required?
A1:      Yes.  The Handbook of Operating Procedure (HOP) outlines the process:

The following is an excerpt from this policy: 

“A supervisor is expected to conduct a written performance evaluation for all employees annually. The rating period is February 1st through January 31st. Supervisors will complete these evaluations no later than the first workday in March of each year.”

The supervisor must place the original evaluation form in the employee's departmental personnel file and provide a copy to the employee and a copy to the Office of Human Resources (OHR) no later than the first workday in March of each year.”

Q2:      What is the process for administering performance evaluations for newly hired employees?
A2:      Classified employees who are currently serving their probationary period will receive performance appraisals at 30, 90 and 160 day intervals.  Classified employees, who have completed their probationary periods and whose last probationary performance appraisal is over two months old as of January 31, will require an annual performance evaluation for performance year ending January 31, 2018.

Example: Employee “A” received the 160 day probationary performance evaluation on November 1, 2016 (prior to December 1, 2016). The employee will require another performance evaluation closing out the performance year ending January 31, 2017.

Administrative & Professional (A&P) employees do not have a probationary employment period, and thus will not have probationary evaluations.  As a result, managers should complete an annual performance evaluation for A&P employees hired on or before January 31, 2017.  This evaluation can be an abbreviated evaluation for employees hired during the last two months of the performance year.  

Q3:      I am a new supervisor who was hired on January 5, 2018 and I have a number of employees reporting to me.  The previous supervisor is not available to provide me with feedback on the employees’ job performance.  What do I do?
A3:      A Non-Faculty Performance Evaluation Review is still necessary for each of your employees.  Discuss and coordinate the reviews with your manager and ask the employees to submit a list of significant accomplishments to be incorporated into the evaluation.  Under the Performance Summary/Manager’s Comments section of the form, add your own comments based on the time you supervised the employees along with a note to indicate the date you assumed the role of their supervisor.

Q4:      My employee was transferred from another department (and had served her probationary period long ago).  She has only been in my department for 1 month.  Who is responsible for the review?
A4:      Ultimately, the employee’s current manager (as of January 31, 2018) is responsible for the review.  However, we strongly encourage managers to collaborate on the review and provide a degree of input commensurate with the time he/she supervised the employee.

Q5:      I have a part-time employee who works for me; do I have to complete a Non-Faculty Performance Evaluation Review?
A5:      If the employee is a part-time (50% or greater) regular (benefits eligible) employee, a performance evaluation will be required.

Q6:      One of our supervisors has left the University completely and the job has not been filled. Who will be responsible for conducting the staff evaluations?
A6:      The next level of management is responsible for completing the staff evaluations.  The manager may ask the employees to submit a list of significant accomplishments to be incorporated into the evaluation.  Under the Performance Summary/Manager’s Comments section of the form, comments should be added explaining the circumstances that resulted in the manager’s role as evaluator. 




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