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eForms Job Aids - Quick Guides, Presentations and How to Videos

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The New Position Request eForm is used to create a brand new position.

Create a Benefits Eligible Position

  • Create a Non-Benefits Eligible Position
  • The Appointment eForm is used to appoint a person into a position. This includes an internal transfer, new hire or rehire for staff, students, and faculty.

  • Appointment New Hire
  • Search Match
  • Position Search
  • Appointment Rehire
  • A Person of Interest is an individual doing work for the University who is not considered a traditional employee, known as a “Person of Interest.” This may include visiting researchers or students, volunteers, perspective employees, independent contractors, etc.

    The Create Person of Interest eForm is used to appoint a person to a POI position, without requiring compensation or a funding source for the position.

    There are several forms that may be used to end an employee’s employment with the university. This includes the following eForms:

  • Termination
  • Retirement
  • After a Requester submits an eForm, it will electronically route to the appropriate approver(s). The workflow path will vary and may travel through different workflow approvers based upon the information included on the eForm.

    Each approver will review the information submitted and may use the Comments section to provide additional remarks; any added comments can be viewed by every person in the approval path, as well as the original Requester.

    Once the eForm has been reviewed for accuracy, the approver can Approve, Deny, or Send Back the request. The following actions take place with each option: • Approve – the form is approved and moves on to the next approver • Deny – cancels the request completely and no further action can be taken (comments required) • Send Back – the request is sent back to Requester to make any required changes (comments required). The Requester will be notified via email.

    Updated: April 2018