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eForms at UTSA


Project Update July 19, 2018

All Departments and Colleges will be live on the following eForms on July 23, 2018

  • New Position Requests
  • Appointments (Hire/Rehires)
  • Create Person of Interest (POI)
  • Terminations  
  • Retirement
  • Contract Additions and Changes (Faculty)
  • Leave of Absence (Faculty) Return from Leave (Faculty)

The eForms Change Package, which includes the eForms listed below, are tentatively scheduled to be on live later this year.  Each Group will be trained on these new forms. Training schedules will be communicated in future updates. Front Offices will continue to use the Interim Workflow Solutions (IWS) for the actions listed below until such time that these eForms are on line.

  • Job Changes (includes Pay Rate Changes)
  • Position Changes
  • Funding Changes
  • Transfer Form
  • Additional Pay (The implementation of this form is tentatively scheduled for October 2018).

Departments will continue to use SharePoint to for ‘change package’ type transactions until such time as the change package is implemented. 

Please contact SPOC for questions and/or support regarding eForms. 210-458-SPOC (7762)

Project Update May 1, 2018

Go Live

  • Initial plan was that the Pilot group would ‘Go Live’ on May 1st.
  • The eForms functionality was moved to the Production environment over the weekend and we performed a ‘shake down’ on April 30th. We found some minor email disconnects, which are being addressed, but there were no major findings.
  • Assumption was that we would complete testing and finish a test Payroll run by May 1st.
  • Delays were incurred during payroll testing last week that impacted our ability to complete the cycle.
  • Payroll testing is still in progress.
  • Rather than hold up the ‘Go Live’ any further, we’ve opted to ‘Go Live’ tomorrow, May 2nd. This will enable the pilot group to begin submitting their transactions, getting them into the approval pipeline and to HR. HR will not process these transactions until the payroll test has been completed/validated.
  • Should the payroll test reveal serious eForms problems, we will use the eForms, like a Share Point form and update the PeopleSoft tables manually. If no problems are detected, we will process the eForms through the new Base Table Update feature.

What’s next

  • The next increment will be Group I - a much bigger group. Training will start in early June.


  • The team is continuing testing of Change Package while supporting the Go Live of New and End package. The deadline for completing Change Package testing is May 18th.


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