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Employee Relations

Staff Excellence Award Logo


UTSA Staff Excellence Award Recipients

  • 2006 - 2007
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The Rising Star Award
David Kessler

The Leadership Award
Jeanette (Jenny) Stokes

The Team Spirit Award
Office of Travel Management

The Extra Mile Award
Patricia Dunn

Order of the Roadrunner Award
John Soudah

The Rising Star Award
Dan Smolenski

The Leadership Award
Lowa Mwilambwe

The Team Spirit Award
UTSA Inventory Department

The Extra Mile Award
Robert Rivas

Order of the Roadrunner Award
Hermilo Silva

  • Oct. 23, 2001 (1999, 2000, 2001)
  • Leadership Award
    College of Engineering
    Gwen Kellogg

    Extra Mile Award
    Political Science and Geography
    Martha A. Luna

    Rising Star Award
    Office of the Air Force ROTC
    Linda G. Martinez

    Team Spirit Award
    UTSA Police Department
    Minnie K. Martinez

    Order of the Roadrunner Award
    Office of DEFINE
    Cynthia M. Orth

  • Feb. 8, 1999

Physical Plant
Bernadette Berain

Academic Advising
Linda Chalmers

Chris Hanson

A-V Equipment Tech, Foreign Languages
David Kinsey

Research Development
Noe Saldana

  • Sept. 23, 1997

Admissions & Registrar
Linda Edmundson

Physical Plant ITC
Robert Peek

Student Life
Shirley Pipes

Disability Services
Nestor Reyes

Economic Development Centers
Deborah Schueneman

  • Sept. 5, 1996

Health Services
Margaret Black

Tomas Rivera Center
Leticia Duncan-Brosnan

Community Relations
Gina Mendez

Compliance Office
Virginia Paccione

Student Affairs
Jan Steger

  • July 27, 1995

Physical Plant
Roland Douglas

Jane Findling

Human Resources
Manny Gallegos

Phyllis McKenzie

International Programs
Constance Sabo-Risley

  • 1994
  • ITC
    Sandra Erlanson

    Physical Plant, Downtown Campus
    John Zertuche

    Division of Music
    Kathryn Hodges

    Division of Foreign Languages
    Jane Morin

    Information Technology
    Dan Foley

  • 1993
  • Small Business Development
    Fletcher Parks

    Physical Plant, ITC
    Teresa Zertuche

    Division of Management and Marketing
    Bobbie Roberts

    Division of Education
    Marilyn Walsh

    Physical Plant
    Remigio “Ray” Gonzales

  • 1992
  • Athletics
    Dan Kaderli

    University Police
    William Hamilton

    Physical Plant
    Tim Heins<

    Library ITC
    Tom Shelton

    Institutional Analysis
    Martha La Roque

  • 1991
  • College of Sciences and Engineering
    Rus Garner

    Student Health Center
    Pat Berlet

    College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
    Bettie Karter

    College of Business
    Marion Perry

    College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
    Olga Trevino


Updated: May 2010