COVID Cases Dashboard

The health and safety of our Roadrunners is paramount. UTSA closely monitors active COVID-19 cases on campus to determine the impact on our campus community and to minimize the spread as much as possible. To keep the Roadrunner community informed about the presence of COVID-19 positive cases on campus, UTSA regularly updates the COVID-19 Cases Dashboard.

Note: Numbers include positive cases since the start of the current semester.



  • Faculty/Staff: Individuals employed by the university. Data for students employed in some capacity by UTSA is reflected in the student sections of this dashboard.
  • Positive: Individuals who self-reported receiving a positive COVID-19 test result.
  • Students: Students enrolled for the current semester.


See Housing and Residence Life's health & safety protocols page for guidelines and procedures.  

UTSA is committed to protecting the personal health information of our community. All information shared adheres to privacy standards. Data for this website is compiled from self-reports submitted by faculty, staff and students. Since the information is self-reported, confirmation of the results of each test cannot be definitively verified.