Distress Response

Distressed individuals can display alarming behaviors.  When someone is exhibiting distress, a brief safety assessment should occur.  If there is a significant risk of violence, UTSA Police should be contacted (210-458-4911) immediately. If a person is expressing suicidal thoughts, seek the assistance of the Counseling and Mental Health Services (210-58-4140) or UTSA Police for a welfare assessment.

If police response does not appear warranted, here are tips for responding:

  • Use a calm voice
  • Offer to keep information private.  Only offer confidentiality if your profession allows you to offer confidentiality. 
  • Avoid touching the person, even if the intended outcome is to comfort the person.
  • Neutrally state the observed behavior of concern.
  • If possible, ask the person to tell you more about the observed behavior of concern.
  • Contact appropriate resources (click on Orange Folder). 
  • File a BIT report (See the tab titled Report a Behavior Concern). 

BIT Guidelines