Core Curriculum Committee

The Core Curriculum Committee will provide recommendations to the Provost related to the on-going development, implementation and evaluation of the University’s core curriculum.  This includes the review of:

  1. proposals submitted for specific UTSA courses designed to satisfy the UTSA core curriculum requirements and learning objectives,
  2. existing core curriculum courses regarding their continued inclusion in the Core Curriculum and
  3. all assessment data related to the effectiveness of the existing core curriculum, including data collected related to internal, on-going core course evaluation and results from standardized external instruments.

Recommendations and decisions regarding the core curriculum will be based on the expressed purposes of the core curriculum components and relevant learning objectives.

The Associate Vice Provost for Core Curriculum, in his or her capacity as chair of the Core Curriculum Committee, will submit to the Provost, no later than August 31 of each academic year, a report summarizing the results of the committee's work. Voting members shall serve two-year terms except for the student member who shall serve a one-year term. No voting member shall be eligible to serve more than two consecutive terms.

Structure: 12 members

The Core Curriculum Committee will be appointed by the President or Provost and will consist of the following members:

  • 1 faculty member from each college (7 total)
  • 1 faculty representative from the University College
  • 1 undergraduate student
  • Director of University Assesment (ex officio without vote)
  • Representative from Admissions (ex officio without vote)
  • Associate Vice Provost for Core Curriculum (ex officio without vote)


Mark Appleford, Chair Klesse College of Engineering & Integrated Design Ex Officio
Betty Mkwinda Nyasulu University College 8/31/2023
Patrick Gallagher College of Liberal and Fine Arts 8/31/2023
Matthew Troia College of Sciences 8/31/2023
Kallee Scott Student Representative 8/31/2022
Shelley Roff Klesse College of Engineering & Integrated Design 8/31/2022
Anurandha Roy Alvarez College of Business 8/31/2022
Nathern Okilwa College of Education and Human Development 8/31/2022
Kelly Cheever College fof Health, Community and Policy 8/31/2022
Elizabeth Hoff Director of University Assesment Ex Officio
Brandy Garcia Representative from Admissions Ex Officio