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Standing Committees

Radiation and Laser Safety Committee

The charge to the Committee is to formulate policies and procedures and to provide the oversight necessary to assure the University's compliance with federal and state regulations for the license, purchase, shipment, storage, use, transportation, and disposal of radioactive materials, radiation-producing machines, lasers and other forms of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.  The Committee shall monitor use of radioactive materials and other forms of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation by sub-licensees (if any); review and exercise approval authority of all proposals for the use of, or grants and contracts that involve radioactive materials and sources of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation at UTSA; and assure compliance with all requirements for maintenance of records for the review, approval and monitoring of the licensing, purchase, shipment, storage, use and disposal of radioactive materials and sources of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. The committee must meet at least three times annually.


Ruyan Guo, Chair Professor, COE Electrical Engineering 8/31/2015
with vote
Harry Jarrett Professor, COS Chemistry 08/31/2015
with vote
Hans Heidner Professor, COS Biology 08/31/2015
with vote
James MacMillan Research Compliance Director, ORI/VPR Ex Officio
without vote
Wendy McCoy Lab Safety Manager, Radiation and Laser Safety Officer, EHSRM Ex Officio
with vote, R&LS Officer
Kelly Nash Assistant Professor, COS Physics and Astronomy 8/31/2015
with vote
JingYong Ye Associate Professor, COE Biomedical Engineering 08/31/2015
with vote
Shannon Marquess Radiation and Laser Safety Coordinator, EHSRM Ex Officio, without vote
alternate for R&SLO with vote
Brian Moroney Director, EHSRM Ex Officio
without vote
Yolanda Acosta Research Compliance Coordinator, ORI/VPR Ex Officio
without vote, alternate

Last updated 8/27/2014