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Employee Self Service for New Hires

Welcome to UTSA!  Please access the Employee Self-Service portal and follow the instructions below to ensure all new employment actions are completed.  Please keep in mind that you will have a limited 30 day access to the New Employee Tools after your start date to complete these actions.  All sections are required and must be completed.

Click here to access the Employee Self-Service portal


Click on New Employee Tools


Complete and Submit I-9 Form

(left hand side of portal, under Employee Self Service)

  1. Some information will auto populate such as your name, Date of Birth, and Address.
  2. You may use the link to I-9 instructions to guide you through the form if needed.
  3. Please enter email address and telephone number in spaces provided (this is optional). 
  4. If you have other names used (i.e. maiden name), please enter these.
  5. Under the Citizenship and Employment Authorization, please attest to one of the four categories that apply to you and enter the information beside or below if applicable.
  6. Once all application information is completed, please click Accept. 

Please review the List of Acceptable Documents and bring these to Human Resources within 3 business days of submitting your I-9.

Update Personal Information Summary

(left hand side of portal, under Employee Self Service)

  1. Review and verify the information that currently exists in this section and make changes/edits as necessary. 
  2. Please complete any missing information including phone number, emergency contacts, and email address.  Instant Message Ids and Marital Status cannot be changed or updated at this time.
  3. Ethnic Groups-Please click on the button to choose the applicable category or categories. 
  4. Employee Information-Please review and verify the information that is populated that includes gender, date of birth, social security number, and start date. 

Direct Deposit

(Left hand side of portal, under Payroll and Compensation)

  1. To add your bank information, click Add Account.
  2. Enter Routing Number, Account Number, Select Savings or Checking.
  3. Deposit Type: Select Balance. Deposit Order: 999 (default number).
  4. Acknowledge the terms of using Direct Deposit. Accept. Submit.


(Choose the Employee Self Service Tab on the top left and find the W-4 section under Payroll and Compensation)

  1. Please review and verify the home address.
  2. Enter the total number of allowances you are claiming.  It will default to 0 if nothing is entered.
  3. Please choose the applicable Marriage Status.  It will default to Single if nothing is chosen.
  4. Please use the Claim Exemption section ONLY if applicable; otherwise do not alter this section.
  5. Please submit the form when you have completed all of the necessary sections. 

My Current Profile

(Choose Employee Self Service Tab on the left and choose My Current Profile under Personal Information)

  1. Under the General Tab, please select Add New Data Privacy Elections.  Click the magnifying glass and choose Restrictions.  Please select the options you wish to remain confidential and click OK.
  2. Please select Add New Relative Employed by UT.  Please select the UT Family, Institution, Department, and look up by name to fill in Employee ID.
  3. Scroll down and click Add New Veteran Identification (Required).  Click the magnifying glass and choose UTVETSTAT.  Click the drop down menu to select the status that applies to you.  If applicable, check off the box below that applies to you.  For further explaination of these categories click here.   

Other Categories:  Please fill in the other categories and sections to include Education and Accomplishments. 

Please ensure all sections are completed including your:

  • I-9
  • W-4
  • Personal Information
  • UT Relatives

If you have any questions regarding your new hire Portal or the Employee Self Service Tools, please contact Human Resources (210) 458-4250.


Updated: June 2017
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