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Volunteer/Person of Interest (POI)

Volunteer/POI Guide

POIs are in an unpaid relationship with the university. The titles used are Non-Research Volunteer, Research Volunteer, Employee of Government Agency, Independent Contractor, Student Volunteer, and Visiting Scholar/Researcher.

Departments must submit the following to process a POI or Volunteer:

  • Criminal Background Check (when required) - Visit the UTSA CBC web page for more information on the CBC process. 

  • POI eForm – An eForm needs to be completed for all POIs requesting UTSA network access. Please attach the Acknowledgement of Service without Salary to the eForm. All eForms for Visiting Scholars/Researchers or volunteers involved in research will route to the Office of Research Integrity for approval as long as the appropriate job code/title is selected. Please make sure the appropriate job code/title is selected to avoid processing delays. Please visit ORI’s website for more information.

    • Acknowledgement of Service without Salary/POI Form

      • Visiting Scholars/Researchers or volunteers involved in research will also need to be approved by the AVP, Office of Research Integrity before Human Resources can process it.

      • Independent Contractors- Please review the contractor guidelines before selecting this title.

Please note: Human Resources will not enter POIs into PeopleSoft unless they need UTSA network access. If access is required, an eForm should be submitted to HR, so a job record can be entered into PeopleSoft.




Updated: January 2019