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UTSA Holidays


UTSA employees receive paid holiday leave when appointed to work at least 20 hours per week for at least 4.5 continuous months. Faculty must be appointed for at least 50% time for at least 4.5 continuous months. If appointed less than full-time, employees will be granted holiday leave based on the percentage of hours appointed.

If the position requires to have student status as a condition of employment, then the position is ineligible for paid holiday leave. For more information see the University's Handbook of Operating Procedures.

How holidays are determined

The holiday schedule is published each year. The state legislature determines the number of holidays that can be observed by all state agencies and institutions of higher education. The university observes the same number of holidays, a combination of national and state holidays, that are observed by state agencies. However, institutions of higher education are allowed to be flexible when establishing their own schedules. So while the number of holidays observed is always the same, the university may have a different schedule than state agencies.

The legislature stipulates that holidays are only observed when they fall on a weekday.  Holidays that fall on weekends are not observed and may not be observed on a different day (e.g. the Friday before or Monday after).



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UTSA Holidays




Holiday Schedule