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UTSA Holidays - Update Your Outlook Calendar

Update your Outlook Calendar with the 2019-2020 UTSA Holiday Schedule

1 Open the Outlook
Desktop application
Outlook 2016 Icon example

2 Download the holiday.hol file

[Download File]

Don't attempt to open the file from your browser download bar (bottom of this window). You will open the file at another location.

3 Open File Explorer and navigate to the downloads folder under your profile

image example to show where downloads file is located under the users profile


4 Locate the holiday.hol file



Right-click on the file and select: Open with

Then select: Outlook 2016

Image shows how to use Open-with Outlook 2016 options.



Check-mark UTSA Holiday then Click the 'OK' button



Image example shows UTSA Holidays selection box in Outlook 2016

If you do not see this window, minimize your active window(s) and go to Outlook.


Click the 'Yes' button


Image show Outlook warning to reinstall

This window only appears if you have used this utility before.Click Yes to update the new 2019-2020 holidays to your Outlook calendar.

8 Click the 'OK' button

Outlook confirmation that the Holidays have been added to the calendar.

Please contact x7875 if you need assistance.

Updated: August 2019