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UTSA Holidays

UTSA Holiday Schedule 2017 - 2018

Date Holiday Day
September 4, 2017 Labor Day Monday
November 23, 2017 Thanksgiving Day Thursday
November 24, 2017 Day after Thanksgiving Friday
December 25, 2017 Christmas Day Monday
December 26, 2017 Day after Christmas Tuesday
December 27, 2017 Winter Holiday (skeleton crew)* Wednesday
December 28, 2017 Winter Holiday (skeleton crew)* Thursday
December 29, 2017 Winter Holiday (skeleton crew)* Friday
January 1, 2018 New Year's Day Monday
January 15, 2018 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Monday
March 15, 2018 Spring Break (skeleton crew)* Thursday
March 16, 2018 Spring Break (Observance of President's Day) Friday
May 28, 2018 Memorial Day Monday
July 4, 2018 Independence Day Wednesday
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Texas Legislators designated 14 holidays for fiscal year 2017-2018. The total number of holidays awarded to state employees fluctuates annually because when typical holidays fall on Saturday or Sunday, they are not observed. Institutions of higher education may rearrange state holidays and establish their own holidays in order to provide more effective work schedules that are consistent with the academic calendar.

*Skeleton work crew days: In accordance with the provisions of the Texas Government Code § 662.004, “a state agency shall have enough employees on duty during a state holiday to conduct the public business of the institution.”  The skeleton work crew requirement excludes days where a federal holiday has been designated on a different day.  This year, President’s Day will be observed on Friday, March 16, 2018.

An employee who serves as a member of a skeleton crew will be granted state compensatory time in lieu of the holiday in accordance to Chapter 4.27, section C. of the Handbook of Operating Procedures “State Compensatory Time”. State compensatory time off must be scheduled within twelve (12) months following the workweek in which the compensatory time was earned with the prior approval of the employee's supervisor.

State compensatory time may also be used to observe an additional religious holiday(s), or state or national holiday that is not officially observed by UTSA. The Texas Legislature has specified Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Cesar Chavez Day and Good Friday as optional holidays. Employees are entitled to observe these holidays provided that they work a skeleton crew holiday, or use accrued and available leave.

Posted 07-31-2017




Holiday Schedule