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If you have additional Budget related questions, please email:

If you have additional BIS related questions, please email:

  • “No results are found” when trying to search an Employee ID on an eForm.
    When searching for an EMPLID/name you need to always use the “Search” option and leave the EMPLID box blank.
    After clicking the “Search” button you will receive this Search Match screen to search for the employee. Once you have found the employee, the EMPLID will automatically populate in the original page.
    Watch the full video instructions on how to conduct a “Search” match.
  • Why can’t I add an attachment to my eForm?
    You will need to “Save” the eForm before you can add any attachments.
  • An eForm requestor in our department left the university and there are eForms stuck in their “Saved” documents, what action is needed?
    Any eForm requestor in that area can pull up the eForm and take the appropriate action.
  • An eForm is stuck in workflow?
    Contact BIS at 210-458-SPOC (7762)
  • Why does the eForm contain approvers outside our area? (Ex: Araceli Pacheco, Cynthia Orth, etc.)
    This usually indicates that there are no approvers on the cost center. Contact BIS at 210-458-SPOC (7762)
  • An approver clicked the “Submit” button instead of the “Approve” button on an eForm. What action is needed?
    The original eForms requestor can pull up the document and resubmit so that the eForm shows the requestor as the submitter and can proceed through workflow. Approvers only need to click the “Approve” button even though the “Submit” button is active.

  • I am not sure which eForm I should be using?
  •  Hire a new employee or rehire an employee - Appointment eForm
     Terminate an employee - Termination eForm
     Request to hire a volunteer - Create Person of Interest eForm
     Create a new position - New position request eForm
     Correct someone’s pay - Job Attribute Change eForm
     Extend an employee for a longer period of employment - Job Attribute Change eForm
     Reclassify a position - Position Attribute Change eForm
     Transfer an employee to a new position - Transfer eForm
     Modify fte/hours - Position Attribute Change eForm
     Change funding - Change Funding eForm
     0% Faculty - Use Interim Workflow Solutions
     Change Faculty Pay - Contract Addition & Changes eForm (Select Modify Contract)
     Change someone’s start date - Use Interim Workflow Solutions

  • I am a Requestor or Approver and I get a pop-up window with “Warnings”. Is it ok for me to submit/approve the eForm?
  • Warning messages are not errors, review the warnings, it may be an indication that something MAY be wrong with your eform. If you are the Requestor, correct the errors if appropriate or if no corrective action is required, submit the document. If you are an Approver and feel the Warnings need to be addressed “Send Back” the document to the creator for modification; otherwise approve and submit the document.

  • My eForm says that I did not use “search match”, what does that mean?
  • When hiring or rehiring employees, it very important to use the Search button. The Search button will display any matching records on file who have similar names (first name, last name), matching birthdates and matching social security numbers (last four). This will eliminate the possibility of adding an employee with a new employee ID who may already be on file. If this step is skipped you will receive the following error below. When you receive this Warning, perform the search match, otherwise, HR will return the eForm. Reference: Search Match video

    Reference: eForms Job Aids

  • Is there a deadline for submission of eForms so that the requested action will be updated and reflected in the next paycheck?
  • Yes, review the Payroll Schedule for applicable dates.

  • Will additional eForms training be available?
  • eForms classes will continue to be available. Class dates and times will be posted on the Training & Development web site when the schedule is finalized.

  • I need to change details on a position, what eForm and reason code should I use?
  • If position information needs to be changed, use the Position Attribute Change eForm. There are many reason codes to choose from. Review the chart below to determine which reason code would best accommodate your request.

    Reason Code

    Fields that can be changed

    FTE/Ben Elig/Reg/Temp

    FTE, Hours, Reg/Temp, Full-Time/Part Time, Location Code, and Mail Drop ID

    Inactivate Position


    Job Reclassification

    Job Code, FTE, Hours, Reg/Temp, Full-Time/Part-Time, Location Code, and Mail Drop ID

    Location/Mail Drop Changes

    Reports To, Location Code, and Mail Drop ID

    Reports To Change

    Reports To Pos, Location Code, and Mail Drop ID

    Transfer Position to New Dept

    Department, Reports To Pos, FTE, Hours, Reg/Temp, Full-Time/Part Time, Location Code, and Mail Drop ID

    Reference: eForms Job Aids

If you have additional Payroll related questions, please email:


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