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Workplace Health and Wellness




Workplace Safety & Wellness offers individualized assistance looking at the relationship of the worker to the work station. To better assist you, we ask that you begin by completing an online Ergonomics Self-Evaluation (requires myUTSA login). The information you provide in this self-evaluation will tell us about your particular situation and, in some cases, may assist you in correcting some types of deficiencies yourself. At the end of the self-evaluation, you will have an option to request an in-person expert evaluation by one of our ergonomic specialists.

Expert Evaluations

In-person evaluations take about one hour and include a comprehensive analysis of your workspace, job functions, and any discomfort or fatigue you may have that could be related to ergonomics. Many common complaints can be resolved or aided by inexpensive changes to your workspace along with behavioral changes such as stretching at your work station (PDF) or taking short breaks. To schedule an expert evaluation, first complete the Ergonomics Self-Evaluation (requires myUTSA login) and your responses will be forwarded to our ergonomics specialist. Contact the Wellness Team for more information.

What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics Seating image

Ergonomics is the science of fitting the job to the worker.

Ergonomics examines a worker’s relationship to work, work tools and the work environment.

The goal is to achieve maximum efficiency of the human body while minimizing the risk of injury.

When there is a mismatch between the worker, the task and the work environment, work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs) can result.

If work is performed in awkward postures or with excessive effort, fatigue and discomfort may be the result.

Ergonomics reduces the risk of injury by adapting the work to fit the person instead of forcing the person to adapt to the work. Improving the “fit” is the goal of the UTSA Ergonomics Program.




April 2020