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We believe that no matter what their area of emphasis, every emerging artist needs a strong foundation in Drawing and Painting. It is a learned skill that relies heavily upon on hand-eye coordination and which is an ability that, in time, can be mastered by just about everyone. We build upon the basic foundation by further encouraging students to experiment with style, form, and structure.

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Current Studio Practices: All studio classes will be limited, and enrollment capacity firmly set to allow for the proper distancing between workspaces and students. No outside studio time will be permitted at this time in the drawing and painting studios.

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Drawing Classes - Spring 2024

Course Description

Have you always wanted to draw? Get a step-by-step, hands-on guided tour of line drawing with charcoal and pencil—all supplies provided! Grasp an understanding of observational drawing, translating what the eye sees on to the page, as well as the design and composition principles that lie beneath all art: line, color, texture, and values. Let this non-judgmental introductory class be the stepping-stone to future art classes. Includes materials; please bring a bag lunch.

Course Description

Drawing is a learned skill based on hand-eye coordination. Through free-hand drawing, you will develop skills to render three-dimensional objects—using drawing principles of line, shape, value, texture, perspective, and composition. Bring an 18 by 24-inch drawing pad, a selection of graphite pencils, and an eraser; additional materials will be discussed at the first class.

Course Description

This multi-level class is for beginners with some drawing background or for experienced student-artists who would like to refresh their drawing skills or learn about different drawing styles and materials. Students will move beyond using drawing merely to render objects accurately and will come to view drawing as a challenging vehicle for expression of both form and narrative. Bring a sketchbook or drawing pad (size 11 by 14 or 18 by 24-inches) and a selection of pencils and an eraser; additional materials will be discussed at the first class. Prerequisite: Basic Drawing or equivalent experience.

Course Description

This drawing course offers a combination of traditional and alternative approaches to the body in art. Students will explore how to draw the gesture clearly and breaking down forms that make up the human body into basic volumes and will explore various interpretations of the human form, from representation to abstraction. To develop their personal style, students will work from live models and personal images, using a variety of drawing materials. Bring an 18 by 24-inch newsprint pad, a selection of pencils and an eraser to the first class; additional materials will be discussed at that time. Model fees are included. Prerequisite: Previous drawing experience.

Course Description

Value studies can be an essential tool for both the drawer and the painter, from interpreting 3-D forms in a 2-D medium as well as using value studies to plan compositions layout. Using charcoal and similar drawing materials, learn to understand how light and shadow work across different forms. By understanding the use of value, you can learn to add dimension and depth to your work and render with realism. Different drawing subjects will be covered from still-life, cast, and live figure drawing. Model fees are included; see website for a list of supplies. Prerequisite: Previous drawing or painting experience.

Course Description

Cartooning, or visual storytelling, is more than just an enjoyable indulgence of the imagination; it speaks to interests such as editorial illustration, children’s book illustration, comic strips, comic books, and storyboarding. Its various forms combine caricature, figure drawing, and illustration through the medium of ink and watercolor on paper. Instruction will focus on character development, illusions of movement, sequential staging, setting management, inking, and coloring―all aimed towards the refinement of narratives and ideas. Bring a 9 by 12-inch sketchbook and a sharpened pencil to the first class.

Painting Classes - Spring 2024

Course Description

Designed for beginners or for those that have minimal painting experience. Oil paints—known for their flexibility, slower drying and working time, opacity, and depth of color—offer the painter a variety of application methods from thin glazes to thick impasto painting. Students will learn the basics while exploring a variety of techniques (glazing, layering, alla prima, and more) and foundations. Prior drawing and painting experience helpful but not required. A supply list will be handed out and discussed at the first class; students are welcome to bring any oil painting supplies they have on hand (paints, brushes, etc.) to review with the instructor.

Course Description

This class offers a non-traditional, fresh approach to an old traditional medium. Learn how to create vivid pastel paintings by exploring basic techniques and a variety of underpainting formulas. Students will learn the versatility of using soft pastels by pushing the medium using various art mediums, tools, and supports. Prerequisite: Some drawing experience is helpful. Includes some materials; see website for a materials list.

Course Description

Painting is an ideal class for the beginning student who wants a structured approach to painting with acrylic paints. The all-levels class will cover color mixing, paint application, selection and use of brushes, and other painting tools, as well as painting composition for the beginning student. Students with prior experience can work independently with guidance from the instructor. A limited color palette is encouraged to learn how to mix a variety of colors. See website for materials list. There are no prerequisites; however, Basic Drawing is recommended.

Course Description

This course is geared to empower artists with the many possible creative approaches used in abstract expression from narrative, figurative or landscape. Working with acrylic medium on paper or canvas, as well as mixed media applications, the course will concentrate on color relationships and gradations to provide a foundation for abstract exploration. In addition, compositional resources will be explored through geometric design, texture, pattern, and line. Please see website for a list of materials.

Course Description

In this non-traditional contemporary approach to watercolor painting. Through self-guided study, students will create work that reflects feelings, experiences, and heavily abstracted symbols drawn from their own personal lives. Traditional and non-traditional watercolor techniques will be covered and use of other materials with an emphasis on compositions, color theory, and supportive creative exploration. Students should be comfortable with the unique nature of watercolor and be willing to let that guide them through visual experiences of self-discovery and self-expression. Jungian concepts regarding symbolism and creativity will be introduced. Some watercolor or visual experience is preferred, but not required. Please see website for materials list.

Course Description

This class is for both the first-time painters, as well as the student who would like to learn more about the various approaches to painting in this very direct water-based medium. Demonstrations will be given on how to paint wet-on-wet washes, dry-on-wet washes, and with a dry brush. Color theory as it relates to watercolor will be discussed. Intermediate level students, while developing an independent vision, will learn ways to improve their painting skills through advanced demonstration, practice, and critique. See website for materials list.

Course Description

In this weekend intensive, students will approach watercolor through a non-traditional, contemporary lens. A willingness to bring the personal into one’s work is important, and students will be asked to create work that explores abstracted symbols and concepts drawn from their own personal lives or dreams. Traditional and non-traditional watercolor techniques will be taught. Jungian concepts regarding archetypal symbolism and the role of the subconscious within the creative act will be explored. Some watercolor or visual experience is preferred, but not required. Please see website for materials list.

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