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At UTSA Southwest, we have an exceptional facility for teaching traditional and non-traditional imaging. Students receive a solid technical foundation in photography, combined with opportunities to learn innovative techniques, both historical and digital.

Increasingly, digital imaging has become a powerful tool in helping artists express their creative vision and digitally produced art has opened new vistas for innovative expression for many exhibiting artists.

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Photography Classes - Spring 2024

Course Description

Make your photographs more dynamic by using simple techniques and compositional tools. Gain a sound understanding of basic camera functions to give you more creative control of your manual 35mm film or digital SLR camera. Discussions will center on focus settings, focal lengths, exposures, composition arrangement, camera angles, and other strategies for making successful photographs. The instructor will work with you individually to solve specific problems.

Course Description

This class is designed for photographers who have no previous darkroom experience or those who want to expand their knowledge of the darkroom. Learn about black & white film developing and printing, dodging and burning of prints, toning, print retouching, and print finishing. Essential elements of camera handling, metering, lens accessories, camera accessories, and composition issues will be explained and demonstrated. Intermediate-level photographers will be encouraged to achieve better mastery over their equipment, materials, and printing skills. Students should have a manual adjustable 35mm film camera.

Digital Media Classes - Spring 2024

Course Description

Learn how to organize, manage, and edit your digital images like a pro with Adobe Lightroom®—the best all-in-one solution for photographers. You will build a foundational understanding of Lightroom’s most powerful tools and learn how Lightroom may be a better alternative to Photoshop for your image editing workflow. This class will primarily focus on Lightroom Classic (desktop-optimized) with a general overview of Lightroom CC® (browser-based). See website for a materials list.

Course Description

Discover new avenues of creativity and expression with digital painting and compositing tools in Adobe Photoshop. Students will learn the fundamental concepts and standard practices of digital image creation, with an emphasis on digital painting, illustration, and collage. Explore the digital image-making process from start to finish and become proficient at importing sketches and photo references, using customized Photoshop drawing and painting tools and various techniques of layering and collage. The instructor will provide both general class instruction and individual assistance with personal projects to help you bring your visions to life. Prerequisite: Some working knowledge of computers, drawing and painting is helpful but not required.

Course Description

Explore the creative possibilities available using Adobe Creative Suite® for artistic purposes. Hands-on training with basic drawing/painting, word processing, electronic imaging, vector-based graphics, and desktop publishing application will be covered. Assigned projects will explore how to apply art, design, and computer knowledge in solving visual and conceptual problems. Adobe Creative Suite® includes Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. See Website for a materials list. Prerequisite: A working knowledge of computers is essential. Students are recommended to have their own Adobe subscription for working off-campus; see website for a materials list.

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