Office of the President

The new president - the way forward

October 5, 2017
Sombrilla Magazine
The new president - the way forward


It’s been just days since Taylor Eighmy received the official vote to be UTSA’s sixth president when he and wife Peggy Eighmy make their first visit to campus. He’s made the trip ahead of his official start date to meet with his office’s staff and to make himself accessible to faculty and the student leadership. When the couple make time midweek for his first official university photo shoot, it becomes clear that Taylor Eighmy’s focus was greater than becoming merely a university president as a career move; he was ready to be this university’s president.

Despite the task at hand of producing a set of presidential photos, this is still an opportunity for Eighmy to exchange ideas. He checks in on plans for the university’s role in the upcoming SA300—months of celebrations that will launch in January to mark the tercentenary of San Antonio’s founding. And that inquiry leads naturally to one about the preparations for observance of UTSA’s 50th anniversary in 2019. The cursory details that he receives elicit clear approval, which he gives via a nod and a high five.

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