Strategic Risk Management


Jason King serves as UTSA's Associate Vice President of Strategic Risk Management and Chief Legal Officer.

King provides leadership over UTSA's enterprise risk management and oversees the offices of Legal Affairs, Institutional Compliance & Risk Services and the Office of Information Security.

King also leads an umbrella of teams under the President’s Office to ensure consistency with the university’s mission and serve the best interests of UTSA, including its duties to follow the law and meet its obligations to the public, governments and third parties. 

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Institutional Compliance and Risk Services

The Institutional Compliance and Risk Services department is committed to serving The University of Texas at San Antonio and all of its departments. Institutional Compliance strives to ensure all areas of UTSA are compliant and observe all Federal and State laws.

Equal Opportunity Services and Title IX

As a service to students, faculty, staff and visitors of The University of Texas at San Antonio Tri-campus, the Equal Opportunity Services & Title IX Office is committed to developing and sustaining a learning and working environment that is diverse, inclusive and free of illegal discrimination and harassment in any form.

University Ombuds Services

The Ombuds office serves as an informal and impartial resource available to all faculty, staff, students or other members of the UTSA community. Visitors to the Ombuds office are welcome to discuss any concern that is interfering with their academic or work life.

Office of Legal Affairs

The University of Texas at San Antonio Office of Legal Affairs is committed to providing accurate, thorough and timely legal advice to the University administration, and to pursuing a proactive, problem-solving approach to legal issues and problems through a collaborative effort with the administration.

Office of Information Security

Maintain a program that reduces risk, secures information assets against unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, damage or loss; is documented and verifiable; and meets regulatory compliance requirements.

Organizational Chart