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Student Affairs includes ten departments which are focused on providing a vibrant campus life experience, student engagement and leadership opportunities, and services for wellbeing.

Student Affairs Administration - Office of the Dean of Students

Student Union 2.02.18

The centralized functions serving all departments within Student Affairs, including student concerns, communications, fiscal administration, strategic planning and assessment, professional development, event strategy, and the Family Association.

Student Affairs - Business Service Center

Student Union 2.02.18

The Business Services Center provides a centralized process for financial services and human resources appointments, serving all departments within Student Affairs. The team supports our staff and students in completing processes in coordination with campus partners. 

Campus Recreation

Main Campus: RWC 1.102

Campus Recreation provides over 185,000 square feet of indoor recreation space, 10 acres of artificial multi-purpose fields, and a satellite facility at the Downtown Campus. Campus Recreation program and services include aquatics, club sports, fitness and wellness, intramural sports and outdoor pursuits.

Leadership and Volunteer Services

Student Union 1.00.40

Provide developmental and experiential opportunities that foster leadership and community engagement.

  • Leadership Takeover
  • Student Leadership Academy workshops
  • Opportunities to volunteer in the community
  • Alternative break experiences
  • Leadership academic course

Multicultural Student Center for Equity and Justice

Multicultural Student Center for Equity and Justice provides focused trainings for students, faculty and staff, programs and events that reflect the cultural backgrounds and needs of historically marginalized student population. They host events that foster community and reflection. The Center also includes the Dreamers Resource Center.

Student Activities

Student Activities provides pathways for students to get involved including:
  • Registered and sponsored student organizations
  • Fraternity | Sorority Life
  • Spirit of the Roadrunner and gameday experiences
  • Traditions including Roadrunner Days and Homecoming
  • Commencement

Student Assistance Services

Student Assistance Services aids students with academic and non-academic concerns related to their enrollment and provides informal, neutral, independent and confidential problem-solving assistance in a welcoming and safe environment.

Student Conduct and Community Standards

Student Union 2.01.04

Student Conduct and Community Standards investigates and provides due process for violations of behavioral and academic standards articulated in the UTSA Student Code of Conduct. The office manages the process for addressing academic dishonesty in the classroom in partnership with the individual faculty member.

Student Code of Conduct can be found at

Student Union

The Student Union serves as the focal point for events, meetings, dining, and relaxation for the UTSA community. Students from across the University come to the Student Union to engage in unique social, recreational, cultural, and educational activities. As the community gathering place for the campus, the Student Union is an inviting and inclusive environment where ideas are exchanged, relationships are built, and memories are made.

Wellbeing Services

Wellbeing Services supports students' health and wellbeing and collaborates with staff, faculty and student groups to help students build skills in the eight dimensions of wellbeing to promote student success. Wellbeing provides events, training and outreach on wellness topics and includes the Recovery Center, PEACE Center and Student Advocacy.

Wellness 360

On-campus health care and counseling for UTSA students is provided by UT Health San Antonio Wellness 360. The counseling team includes licensed mental health clinicians, psychologists and staff with doctoral degrees.  The health care team is led by Advanced Practice Registered Nurses who hold the highest level degrees for nursing practice, master’s and doctoral degrees.

Patient Portal: