RowdyLink is a web-based program that encourages student engagement through organizations, programs and events, volunteerism, and leadership. Within RowdyLink, student groups can complete university forms, reserve spaces, and request approval for any on- or off-campus event. This page will provide guidance for student, faculty, and staff administrative users for RowdyLink pages. 

Discovery and Involvement

Through RowdyLink, students can register their organizations, receive organization recommendations based on interests, discover campus-wide events and programs, and track involvement using an Experience Transcript.

  • Browse organizations based on your personal interests
  • Explore a comprehensive list of all organizations
  • Discover upcoming events
  • Find information via the newsfeed and alert system
  • Search service opportunities

Learn more about RowdyLink Best Practices

Tracking Attendance

As an administrator with full access to manage events, you have the ability to follow event participation to keep track of who is attending the events that your organization hosts. The first step in this process is, of course, to create your event! Once your event has been approved, you can manage RSVPs and invitations and track attendance for your event.

Event Pass

Similar to the mobile boarding passes used on airlines, every UTSA student, faculty, and staff is provided a secure unique mobile Event Pass for check-in at events. As you show up to events, pull up your Event Pass and the event organizer can scan you in. This automatically connects to your account to ensure you’re assigned participation for the event.


Virtual Check-In

On the Manage Event page for any Event, you will find an Attendance URL. Any RowdyLink user who visits this link during the event or up to 72 hours after the event ends will be marked as attended for this event. This link can be shared through the chat feature of your online meeting platform of choice, and anyone who clicks on it will essentially be self-reporting their attendance.

Manual Check-In

The first method to assign participation to a user is to click the +Add Attendance button. Here, you have three tabs with different options for adding event participation.

  • Invitations - On the Invitations tab, you will see a list of users invited to the event. For each user, select the appropriate level of attendance (Attended, Absent, Excused, or N/A). You can also add additional comments about a user's attendance, if applicable.

  • Text Entry - On the Text Entry tab, you can enter attendee information in bulk, using either the users' campus email address or their UTSAID (abc123). So, if you collect users' email addresses during sign-in at an event, you can copy and paste the information into the text entry field and add that attendance data. For each entry, you can also choose the attendance status. Enter up to 500 attendees using this method, with one email or ID per line.

  • File Upload - The File Upload tab allows you to enter a .csv or .txt file containing attendees' email addresses or UTSA ID. Select the identifier type, upload the file, assign the proper level of attendance credit and click Upload. Please limit attendance uploads to a maximum of 1,000 records.

Learning the System

New to your role in RowdyLink? We're here to help! There is a list of the resources we think will be most valuable to you as you learn how to navigate RowdyLink and manage your organization or departmental roster, content, and more!

User Features

Check out this list of resources for more information about how to navigate your community, find ways to get involved, view your account and involvement, and manage your organization as an officer or student leader. 

Organization and Departmental Management

Apart from your administrative staff, there will be individuals who have management access over organization or departmental pages. These users do not manage any administrative functionality, but have control over the content and rosters of their organization pages.