Academic Coaching | Student Success Coaching

Academic Coaching is the one-on-one process of helping students identify their strengths and weaknesses, then devising a personalized study plan.

Need to improve your study habits?

Academic Coaches are available to meet with you this fall!

Academic coaches can meet with you, one-on-one, to devise a personalized study plan.

Coaches can help with the following:

  • Time management
  • Study habits
  • Note taking
  • Motivation
  • Exam prep
  • And more!

Click here to fill out the Academic Coaching request form, or scan the QR code in the image to request a meeting and start earning the grades you want! All coaching sessions are currently taking place online or over the phone. 

How to make an academic coaching appointment

3 Ways to Schedule an Appointment with a Coach

  1. Contact our Virtual Office.
  2. Fill out our coaching interest form.
  3. Call our reception team at (210) 458-4694.

Topics Covered

Professional academic coaches will provide strategies to help students read proactively, take notes, and take tests more effectively; manage time better; and boost motivation.

Unlimited Meetings

Students can meet with their academic coach as many times as they would like throughout their undergraduate career at UTSA. Academic Coaching is offered at no additional cost to students.

Make An Appointment

To make an appointment, call 210-458-4694 during business hours (Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm), or fill out the request form by clicking here.

We can help with:

Time Management

Setting up timeframes and due dates for various projects, using a calender and prioritizing tasks.

Study Skills

Critical thinking, test taking strategies, efficient note taking, basics of organization and many more

Manage Readings

Reading effectively, outlining, using different study skills to manage readings

Personal Development

Concentration, motivation and attitude, stress and relaxation, international student issues and acculturation, ESL difficulties

Professional Development

Effective communication, developing a higher level academic writing style

Sharpen Your Presentation Skills

Poster presentations, public speaking, conference presentations, using PowerPoint professionally

Track Your Semester Progress

Using a semester planner or weekly schedule to track semesterly progress

Building Confidence

Establishing confidence in your academic writing, public speaking

Undergraduate Academic Coaching

Acadamic Coaching is one-on-one personalized assistance, open to all students. A professional academic coach helps students identify their academic strengths and weaknesses and develop effective study skills. Professional academic coaches will provide stragies to help students read proactively, take notes, and take tests more effectively; manage time better; and boost motivation. Academic coaching is not course-specific, but students will learn transferable study skills that can be applied across classes.

Academic coaches can help undergraduate students with everything from managing your time better to enhancing your presentation skills. Academic coaching is supported through your Student Services fee, therefore there is no additional cost to take advantage of this service.

Make An Appointment for Academic Coaching

Interested in Academic Success Coaching? Click here to fill out the Academic Coaching request form or call our office at 210-458-4694 during business hours to make your appointment.

Students are encouraged to schedule appointments in advance. Due to high volume and limited availability, academic coaching schedules typically become filled during peak times of the semester. As a result, students may experience delays in meeting with an Academic Coach.

Student Testimonials About Academic Coaching

Spring 2020

“The coach asking questions helped me realize what I was missing.”

“[My coach] validated my concerns and gave me tools to try but assured me if they didn’t work out there were other methods we can explore later.”

“[My coach] is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable!”

“The most helpful part of this session was that I was able to share with a trustworthy, responsible adult who I feel will help me to make the best decision(s) for my future!”

Fall 2019

“I learned new strategies to process my notes more efficiently which I will for sure use during my power hour.”

“I love the meetings! They keep me on track!” 

“This resource is great! I plan to use it to my advantage. I am so thankful that UTSA provides this for students.” 

“The part that was most helpful for me was when we were discussing organization issues, and [my coach] went step by step on learning how to use the calendar and use a folder to organize my tools for each of my classes.”

“[My coach] is very helpful. She always has the best advice and strategies.”