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Annual Employee Performance Evaluation

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Performance Rating Spreadsheet Tool

The intent of this tool is to assist managers with an overall performance evaluation rating decision. This tool is guidance only. The manager is responsible for determining and justifying an Overall Rating based on input provided in the Performance Evaluation form, independent of the spreadsheet tool.

  • The form references "summary rating", which summarizes the rating for the Essential Job Functions and Projects. The Overall Rating will also need to take into account the impact of the Attributes section.
  • Even though the tool includes summary ratings with a plus "+", or a minus "-", ( SP+ , for example), the "+/-"will not be used in an overall rating. The tool incorporates "+/-" solely to provide additional information as for an Overall Rating determination.
  • A priority of High should be selected only if this level of priority has previously been communicated with the employee.
  • If you select the priority of High for a specific job function/project, this tool considers that item twice as important as each job function/project with a Standard priority level.
  • If this tool is used as guidance, we suggest managers use the tool for all evaluations in the specific department.
    NOTE: If you want to save the data used with this Rating Tool, save the document prior to opening.

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Page updated: May 01, 2014