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Add A New Position


Please submit all paperwork to add a new position with appropriate VP signature to Compensation section of Human Resources via SharePoint or hardcopy, depending upon the type of proposed addition.


  • Adding a position typically occurs as a result of increased workload demands or the assignment of a new responsibility or function to the department that justify the addition of a benefits eligible position.
  • The documentation requirements/procedure for adding a new position varies slightly depending upon the following:
    • The proposed position already exists within the University or will need to be researched and created.
    • The proposed position is Classified or A&P.
  • If the proposed position will be grant funded, approval will be required by the Office of Sponsored Programs.  Human Resources will request Sponsored Programs approval upon receipt of appropriate documentation received independently or through a STARS requisition.
  • The position cannot be posted in STARS until HR has completed a job audit.

Requirements and Process for Adding a New Position

Proposed position is an existing title at UTSA
  • DEPARTMENT RESPONSIBILITY - submit the following:
    1. Create a New Position Document submitted through SharePoint
    2. New Position Justification Form - This form is required during the flexible hiring freeze for positions on state funding, and must have original signatures.
  • Proposed position is NOT an existing title at UTSA
  • DEPARTMENT RESPONSIBILITY - submit the following:
    1. Position Description Form - a specific description of the actual position needed within the department.
    2. New Position Justification Form
    3. - A Compensation Analyst will work with the department to create the job title and job code, and assign an appropriate salary grade for the new title.

    4. After HR Compensation provides the new Job Code, department submits the New Position Document through SharePoint

  • HR RESPONSIBILITY - review all documentation and conduct a thorough job analysis and audit to ensure the following: 
    1. The proposed position title is appropriate for the position responsibilities to be performed.  As this will be a newly created position, research is required to determine a comparable job and title based on similar positions within the UT System and the relevant job market.  
    2. The proposed salary range is appropriate based on the following:
        • Position responsibilities are in line with proposed pay grade, 
        • Proposed pay grade is in line with the University’s internal salary structure, i.e. the level of job responsibilities for proposed position is similar to other positions within the University which have the same pay grade assignment, and
        • Proposed pay grade is in line with the pay for the same or similar positions in the external market
  • Upon completing the analysis and audit, HR will approve the proposed position or work to find an appropriate solution that meets the needs of the requesting department and ensures the integrity of the University’s Classification & Salary Structure plan.

    NOTE: The Position Description and New Position Justification forms can be downloaded by selecting the appropriate links above or they can be found on the HR Forms web page under Position Management at:


    Validated: April 2018