2024 News

Dr. Daniel Pineda Earns Half Million-Dollar NSF Career Award

FebruaryDr. Pineda has been selected to receive a NSF CAREER award of $579,000 to support his research toward finding the next generation of cleaner, carbon-based, renewable fuel sources.

#ThisIsWhatAScientistLooksLike: CAMEE PhD Student Mansi Joshi

January — Mansi's field of study focuses on remote sensing and sea ice, with her research being centered around Antarctic Sea ice. See the COS Student Spotlight on Mansi Joshi.

Dr. Xinting Yu's Research Highlighted on Space.com

January — CAMEE affiliate, Dr. Xinting Yu, examines Saturn’s moon, Titan in "Floating 'magic islands' on Saturn's moon Titan may be honeycomb-shaped snow."

NOVA Special – Arctic Drift is Now on PBS and Available Online

JanuaryArctic Drift is a documentary on the MOSAiC expedition where the German Research Icebreaker, Polarstern, was frozen into the Arctic pack ice for a year with extensive measurements on the atmosphere, ocean, sea ice and ecology of the Arctic conducted during the drift.
(John Cassano, CAMEE Co-I at UC Boulder, and his grad student, Gina Jozef, conducted a program of drone profiling of the lower atmosphere and is one of the featured projects in the documentary. John also provides a narrative on how the changes in the Arctic atmosphere, triggered by the recent sea ice loss there, has important ramifications on Northern Hemisphere circulation elsewhere, including cold air outbreaks, such as the Texas Big Freeze.)

There is a Special Issue of the Journal: Elementa-Science of the Anthropocene where 34 peer-reviewed articles on the MOSAiC expedition have been currently published and many others are currently under review.
(John Cassano has co-authored several of these, and Stephen Ackley, CAMEE Co-I at UTSA, is an Editor for other papers in the Special Issue.)